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  1. or i could set it to 32 for 3.3.2..... what is it used for anyway??? what are the advantage of that # (128)?
  2. i reinstalled 3.3.2 just to be sure. yep disk cache setting is default (but it's not 128M with 2.2, should be 32M if my memorys correct) exe is not set to run in some compatibility mode (and i'm running on seven 32bit) right now i'm uploading data so mem usage is at max ->174M, doesn't move from that i got around 10Mb upload so i tried your setting for utp (removing bandwidth manager+ setting a download limit) got good upload speed at first but quickly it seems to vary around 500ko/s. not using utp isn't excluding me from getting connected to some peers using it? hehe not much activity now and mem usage has drop to 82M
  3. Was it more then 40M larger than the size of the RAM cache you've defined? you're speaking in chinese for me here... is that a setting in utorrent??? cuz i don't see it nor did i change anything compared to my other version other than what you wrote in your guide' date=' nor do i have set some RAM cache for utorrent. with utorrent 2.2 i'm around 70Mb of ram usage, with latest i was at 120Mb and keeping growing when i closed it Just switch the display mode no no, i wasn't using that new display mode (the one that looks like you browser download manager) but the usual looks. the line are just slightly bigger
  4. ok i gave latest stable built a try yesterday. the thing looks a little bit strange coming from 2.2, (like the icon on the left) but thats certainly because of the lack of habit of it. i miss also the compactness for each torrent line. one thing i like is the separate line for the actual torrent name, thats is certainly handy when you change the torrent name but realise after doing so that you are in the wrong folder so you set it right and have to redo the renaming cause you've forget to ctrl+c the new name you gave. the media player have nothing to do here, since you only need to double click any file to have it played. but what made me turned back to 2.2 is the fact that after only 30min / 1h of use, the memory used was nearly the double of what 2.2 uses after running 14h!
  5. i mean the name of the folder i'm going to download. this is what i've understand from reading the post, not my actual experience since i've never tried any 3.x version (it was way too buggy at the beginning + the addition of unneeded features.) still i'm wondering, what is the need for an antivirus when we all know this app is made for downloading legal content like the last ubuntu iso.
  6. ok back on topic.... i'm using 2.2 24683, only have a minor bug, icon dones't always show up in tray. 2.2.1 here finds too many often an error with a file in the torrent i'm downloading which cause that torrent to be stopped. from what i've read in that topic, so now you cant even change the name of the torrent folder when inserting it!! just because of that i will never ever use recent version. also i now understand why so many peers with 3.2/3.3 version aren't sending data, it's because those users are dumb cunts who cant set their setting properly... it's true that making releases with default setting that make the program not really working (do you guys remember how torrent work??) is for sure utterly brillant. i have to admit i was naive enough to believe it was done on purpose, in order to 'force' people to use newer version but no, its worse than that