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  1. Never had any issues here with Opera + GMail.
  2. Cool. Hafta check it out. Why do you think Opera needs extensions? IMO, it rapes FF without them.
  3. I havent noticed bugs in VLC and been using it for a while now. A fine player as far as I'm concerned. I only use it to sample avi's or DVD's before burning, but I've never had a problem with it. Better than MPC in my opinion. I'll check out mplayer, though. What's better about it? (..."because it was intended for Linux" doesnt count as an
  4. Big thanx ludde! (btw, who roughed up the Operanized theme?...daaayyyum. lol)
  5. Currently working on alot of things...IgnorantCow- I'll post the png for ya in a bit. Working on prog icons and a more-rounded Operanized toolbar....more status icons to match Operanized as well. Thanx all. I'll post some stuff later.
  6. boo, I tried politely in my last post to let you know I didnt want you to mod my work, because I can handle it. I could have easily understood if told what you wanted to see on the web page. Not only is it much easier from my end, but its a work of mine and I should be entitled to alter it myself, unless I ask/permit another to. Sure, it's not trademarked or anything, but it's just a matter of respect. I've tried to make you aware of this in one of Determination's toolbar threads as well. Just so there isnt anymore confusion, I prefer not to have my work modded. Not trying to be an ass about it...Like I said, I have been as polite as I could be about it. You seem like you're really into the design side of utorrent, boo, so you should create things yourself. I'm sure everyone here will like them.
  7. The monochrome matched the site so much more...I've already tested diff colors with it, boo, and the monochrome is far less distracting and blends into the site nicely. Also, I think you've sized the logo and the font way too big for the space provided. I know you have an inner urge to mod, but seriously, I can change things so much more easily having the psd files, etc. If someone has an idea for a way to present anything differently, throw it at me.
  8. lol..I dont know what you're smokin, but gimme some.
  9. Tried some other colors. I made a few improvements to the wasp overall that you may/may not notice also. For icon use, I'm experimenting a little w/ the wasp only and wasp in front of an orb(since his body sorta hints at a circle shape anyway). If these are used at 16x16, its gonna take more tweaking obviously. Gonna experiment with hive icons as well when I have time. I think these(wasps) would look great as dock icons.
  10. Thanx all. Yeah, the font is questionable IMO also....Tried Tahoma and Microgramma Bold...Just got another font package recently, so I'll look through it for a better one to use.
  11. ^*changed the font a little and made "for the swarm" darker.
  12. Check back through the thread and you'll see where the hummingbird idea came up. I might try another one w/ a little more character. Has a little robot character come up by anyone? When I think of a charcater named "micro", that's what I think of. Something rough, to inspire any ideas>
  13. They look good...but, you probably shouldn't use parts of other designs on the net, in your designs.
  14. Well said. Let me clarify something. My frustration is not with you personally, or the fact that you contribute designs. My frustration ultimately lies w/ several things....the lack of direction for the new logo, lack of response from anyone that has the final say, and the community's very, very diverse feedback. One day they want this, another day they want that. You could say, "Why listen to them?', but for most of this thread "they" were all that was steering ideas and I was trying to fullfill as many as I could. That's my own fault. I may also be burn-out from PS. UTorrent isnt the only project that I'm currently working on, so I work fast, but spend hours altogether everyday, on several different things. I love it, but I can tell when it takes its toll. Anyways, whatever is best for utorrent...
  15. Dude, please...I dont even know you. Commenting on your obvious skills in PS doesnt apply.
  16. You act as if I said something personal about you. I have an opinion like everyone else and I speak it. I know there are differewnt opinions here and I have to listen to plenty of ppl criticize my work everyday. Of course I'm gonna defend it. Sorry if I offended you. I do get carried away defending my designs and I truley do not understand the element yours have that mine don't, which is what frustrates me.
  17. I think I understand your review of mine, but I fail to see where Shrill's pulls this off. Because the tribal guy is one color w/ no gloss? I refuse to believe that lack of detail means a more professional image. I think you're focusing on how simple it is, but everyone says for him to add 3D effects/color/etc. The image will change after that. As for my initial bee pose, I too had second thoughts about it. I changed it, as you can see in my last design, with the arms extended outwards. Adding gloss really brings more life to it, IMO, which is why I use it. Colors look dull w/out adding lighter tones. As for it being too cartoonish/kiddie-like, I was going for what the majority here were asking for. A cute, friendly character.
  18. Sorry, it just blows my mind. Could you explain how/why the other designs look smarter? or more suitable for the program?
  19. Amazing. Mediocrity wins again. Good luck with it.
  20. Thanx for comments. The sad thing is that if I had done him in more of a serious/realistic way, you'd say that he needed to be more cartoonish. The tribal guy didnt have the kiddie-like feel? If it ever had color it would, believe me. Ludde- appreciate the feedback and I can change the site layout accordingly.
  21. LMAO..what's so scary about him? He look psychotic? To me he's got the creepy-cute vibe goin on. Like, he wants to be your friend...but not for reasons you'd