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  1. Azureuz below is also now banned. LOL? What has Azureus also done? That's new.
  2. No installers ever again. I didn't like it either. May I still ask why?
  3. I see, that's nice how it detects private torrents. Pretty cool feature enhancement. Thanks Firon.
  4. Hey so 1.7.2 = 1.7.1 with local peer discovery disabled in advanced? OR is it much more than that?
  5. I still get this when I do a fresh log on to my account. [Window Title] utorrent.exe [Main Instruction] It seems like µTorrent is already running, but not responding. [Content] Please close all µTorrent processes and try again. [OK] Is it possible to get rid of this message please?
  6. Oops. Scheduler is broken imo too.
  7. - Fix: uTorrent continues normal startup if another uTorrent instance is detected and exits; previously it would inform the user uTorrent was already running and exit is very handy. Thanks.
  8. Firon, may I ask who is developing µTorrent now - is it ludde still or ludde+Bram or Bram himself?
  9. Yes, happened to me once, but then when I double checked, both torrents had the same tracker.
  10. I agree. µTorrent should use the System Time --- whatever the System Time is formatted to. In my case, I have set it to ISO 8601 standard date/time format:
  11. Holy crap that's a lot. When I had about 40 torrents once, I wanted an internal search feature e.g. like in iTunes so it will filter as you type, for 1500 you must really need one!? How you manage to search for the torrent you want?