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  1. Like this? On default, the upload limit was 2200 kB/s, where I checked the box.
  2. and good luck... These are the CTRL+G settings given to me: My problem with these settings is: I DO NOT WANT TO LIMIT MY UPLOAD SPEED!!!!!!! As given in these settings. I need my UPLOAD speed. I am an uploader on different trackers. If I limit my upload speed, I might as well stop using uTorrent and start drinking! I gotta have all of my torrents active. Not just 4 as given in these settings. Now, what are those tips? I mean which ones to use to increase my upload speed? I couldn't care less about downloading speed, it can be at 50kB/s, don't care. All I need is big uploading speed!
  3. Rafi... I only began to have these problems since 2-3 days ago. Before that, all settings in Advanced or the default! Firewall? Nada.. My antivirus is set to allow uTorrent to move as free as uTorrent chooses. Router? No router... My bt.transp_disposition value is 31, as default. The things I changed, as instructed by others are: bt.tcp_rate_control to false net.max_halopen set to 50 net.utp_dynamic_packet_size set to false net.utp_initial_packet_size set to 8 peer.lazy_bitfield set to false and that is all. Network overhead graphics: Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Tested it with several servers in Europe: And to show you more on how "great" my uploading speed is: Check out the Apocalypse Now torrent, 144 leechers and I only upload with 75kB/s??? At 144 I used to upload with 300-400 kB/s before my ISP reset all IP and who know what happened ever since! And even on the 4 torrent shown here.3 peers and my speed is almost 3 kB/s??? So, anyone can help? Tried some of the things you showed there. Nothing new...so far! That is why I need help.
  5. Hey all... New to the forums, old to using uTorrent. Lately I had some real issues regarding my uploading speed. Honestly, I don't care about my downloading speed, for as long as I have good speeds uploading. On several trackers I am an uploader, so it's important for me to have good uploading speed. So, I tested my speed, on two locations: First, with a server far away, in Australia. Here's the speed: Than with a second server, from my home country, Romania. So... a few days ago, my internet provider changed IPs to all subscribers, and before that I used uTorrent 1.8.2 ( build 14458. Since I got a new IP, that specific uTorrent wasn't the same. So, I switched to a new torrent version, 2.0.4. How can I set my uTorrent so that I have good uploading speeds?