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  1. This program is soooo NOT working! .... But laugh at me again "Mr. Developer, Sir!" Just don't ask me for my help after your last response to me. Build 24266 is now uploading at TWICE the designated speed that I have set it for and it's been uploading at twice the speed on my different files! But please, don't ask me for my help with log files or screen shots because I just don't appreciate being dismissed! :-(
  2. It is possible that the files I was sharing were not in high demand, because right now I have finally connected to 333 nodes. HOWEVER, my upload speeds are collapsing when DHT goes into update, and what I mean by collapsing is that my upload speeds decrease by OVER 80% during the DHT 'update' process. These symptoms must be connected to this change somehow since these problems were not evidence in the prior Beta build. Rafi is right, save it for 3.0! You had a perfectly working product in build '908.' Why tamper with perfection? These changes were not necessary IMO.
  3. FYI: Version 2.2.1 (Build 24217) I've only started build 24217 twice, but I have noticed that my DHT Nodes are running about 2/3rds less than the previous version (120 instead of the usual 330). My upload speed is also very sluggish, down by about 1/3rd, from 150kbps to 100kbps. My line quality, speed and ping rates are all at their normal levels.
  4. Why would anyone set their upload limit to "1kbps?" You are obviously not a file-sharer.
  5. Thanks for Build 908 Firon! The "Added On" date issue is now resolved for me. :cool:
  6. That would be great because the dates appear to be running backwards now Firon. My "added-on" date is now reading 12/31/1969 as of today. Version 2.2.1, Build 23858, Windows Vista Ultimate 64. We have discovered a time-machine, and my upload speeds have never been this good! Perhaps there was less Internet traffic back in 1969 and 1970.
  7. My "added-on" date is now going backwards. It's reading 12/31/1969 today. Version 2.2.1, Build 23858, Windows Vista Ultimate 64.
  8. Rafi is correct' date=' the latest build of 2.2.1 (23858) is showing [b']1/1/1970 as the new torrent added on date. Fix is needed. The same problem. At torrent addition, for example, at 13:29 18.12.2010 in the program is displayed that torrent "Added On" at 6:22:07 03.01.1970. This might be a 64-bit problem, since one of my friends is not experiencing this issue, and he is running in 32-bit.
  9. Rafi is correct, the latest build of 2.2.1 (23858) is showing 1/1/1970 as the new torrent added on date. Fix is needed.
  10. @ Registered: I think that 'someone' (or two people) talked Firon into one too many changes. Something got screwed-up because Firon was 'pushed' into making an unnecessary change. .... Am I right guys? .... I think that the version upgrade was to "delete the extra verbose logging," at least that is what I read, before the new product was removed. .... Keep using 23071 "Registered" until the children are finished 'playing.' If it works properly for the average advanced user then it doesn't pay to make nit-picking changes for no reason. This isn't a nuclear physics lab, nor does it need to be.
  11. I understand his purpose too, but honestly he is concerned with a torrent client that does not exist, nor will one ever satisfy him, as history has already recorded. It is enough already.
  12. I agree Zarggg. .... I have been lurking here for 18 months and I'm astounded and dismayed at the constant "negativity" that Rafi puts out. No offense Rafi, but why aren't you using another torrent client instead of wasting your time on thousands of negative posts? It doesn't make any sense to any of us? Millions of uTorrent users love this software and the new version.
  13. Gee, it's funny how some people think so differently. .... I use a program for how it works, not how it looks. A program is a software tool, nothing more. If I cared about how torrent progams looked, then I'd be using the bloated Vuze application. You can always chew-up your resources using that if the GUI is the most important thing to you. No offense meant.