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  1. @Richard Choi C:\UnZip32.exe -l Archive: Length Date Time Name -------- ---- ---- ---- 132667 07-05-03 14:18 1625-utorrent.e2b2.dmp -------- ------- 132667 1 file Seems there's an extension I was told by Greg Hazel, this dump is unusable because it's created by upxed executable. I've sent him a new dump created by uncompressed executable. Seems these crashes are influenced somehow by NOD32's IMON, as stopping it helps. Strange because utorrent is added to IMON's ignore list... And it never ever happened with previous versions (well, last "stable" is 1355)
  2. Unfortunately 1625 crashes like crazy for me :/ Dump here: 1325 is still stable, all next versions are unstable
  3. Borders my friend, borders. It has different borders. All other tooltips have black borders with shadow, the uTorrent's one drops no shadow and borders aren't black. Just a small, but noticable difference. I'll post a screenshot in a morning if needed.
  4. Standard tooltip, yes. But it doesn't look standard. Take a look on any other windows utility which uses tooltips (shouldn't be hard to find one;) and compare them.
  5. Yes, of course I can see it. It shows up every time I put mousepointer over it.
  6. Hi I don't know where to post it, so I just put it in this thread Just a small question, why the network status popup ("baloon" over green/orange circle) does not look like a standard windows popup? I mean it's different - different borders and so on. Is it a custom drawing routine? If yes, why not to use windows built-in one?