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  1. W7 x64 Can't see peers tab. Can select it, but nothing appears within it. Also get a random horizontal re-size mouse icon in the middle of the torrent listing.
  2. Couple of issues... 1) DivX doesn't seem to work with Google Chrome (IE 64 also doesn't like it). 2) It'll only stream one file. No matter if I click stream, for example, "Top Gear S01E01", it'll play something else (and it'll always play that something else). { I just deleted the torrent that it was constantly trying to Stream, and now it's trying to stream another torrent in its place. It just won't stream the one I want. } 3) Not liking the new UI buttons. Looks tacky, and the horrible transparency really shows up. Not to mention the "Play, Pause, Stop" made sense - the arrow thing doesn't (I understand it's for download/upload, but it just was far more recognisable with the play/pause/stop). Running W7 x64.
  3. net.calc_overhead is being ignored completely. I set upload limit to 30kb/s, and uTorrent displays it at 110kb/s upload. Why is it not limiting it to 30kb/s like usual ? I usually upload about 80kb/s (my max is 120kb/s, I like to leave some room for other apps though). No matter what I set it to, uTorrent will simply not obey the limit. I absolutely loved being able to limit my uTorrent traffic including any overhead it produced - now it seems it does not. If this was removed on purpose, can we please can an option for the limiters to include the overhead?
  4. The forum skin is not colour-blind friendly at all. Whilst scrolling all I see are the dark coloured bars with the date that post was made - it's very irritating on the eye. Perhaps this could be solved by some a darker/contrasted uTorrent theme? Selecting another theme at the moment breaks the entire site design . Otherwise it looks great
  5. Overhead seems to be way down on the latest build, awesome! I've got maybe a 10% overhead now - back to where I was before uTP Can you elaborate a bit more ? what should we see as the result/effect those changes ? In regards to SYN with TCP, it usually refers to a synchronize sequence number. They're mostly ever only used to initiate a handshake with ACK/SYN (which I believe if memory serves me right, is short for acknowledge, sign - in reference to receiving an order and signing for it). Most DDoS attacks are done by flooding a connection with SYN packets, as they cause a lot of overhead, causing the machine to stop, process for longer than normal, and reply. They would be hugely useless on existing connections, especially UDP ones. Read up on TCP and it's SYN flag on Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transmission_Control_Protocol
  6. I do hope so. Whilst it's nice to have control over the send rate, timing, etc - to the average user, who just wants to load a torrent and go, it's not going to mean much. They'll see 10kb/s upload, and low downloads in uTorrent, and see higher uploads, and higher downloads because of it in another client. If you can increase the perceived benefit, then more people will want to use your 'product'. Which at the moment, is rather difficult to do (unless you read all the technical info on uTP).
  7. I tried the CPU @ 100% build, and it's working perfectly, except I now see the issue that everyone else is seeing... Holy mother of overhead uTP! Why on EARTH is the overhead on uTP that big? It's not being counted by uTorrents limiter, but it still detects it. So I see myself uploading at 10kb/s when I'm limited at 50kb/s, asking myself why - then realising that the 40kb/s of upload speed missing is being used almost entirely by uTP overhead... I don't want to set overhead to false, because I genuinely want uTorrent to stick to 50kb/s upload max. But only uploading at 10kb/s when the rest is being taken by overhead is just devastating to download speeds. If I disable uTP, I get maybe 10kb/s overhead, and 40kb/s genuine upload. There has to be a way to reduce the massive overhead it's producing...
  8. No go. Still maxing out CPU and maxing out router wireless output. Tried disabling everything but DHT, in pref's, and individual torrent settings (all of them).
  9. Ah, good to know! Really want to try out this new uTP, and how much an affect it has =).
  10. If I set bt.transp_disposition to 255 (default), then uTorrent practically locks up (99% CPU usage on the core it runs on). I went to close it out in the task manager, luckily I had my TCP/IP tab open, and saw that uTorrent was sending and receiving at 2MB/s - which is the wireless transfer limit on my router (as my upload limit is 120kb/s). Why is uTorrent seemingly sending data somewhere on my network, and why is it causing uTorrent to hang on launch?