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  1. Yes it's too much time, so just turn it off. I myself keep the option off for all time since I realized ut took half an hour to shut down even with only 300+ torrents, and others peers won't lose a coin if I shut down ut "ungracefully".
  2. 4 hours is what I remember for sure. Because of a default option change from 1.x->2.x: graceful shutdown off->on If the option is on, ut takes a long time shutting down, greeting to every known peer, saying goodbye, exchanging gifts, etc. Well it's polite but the process takes time. You could turn it off in advanced option. ut should close in seconds.
  3. Try 1k torrents instead. Every bt client can handle 1 torrent. For me, 3.x takes ~30% cpu on my T5870 and puts much pressure on my disk, while 2.x takes ~5%. I have 300+ torrent in list.
  4. 2.2.1 user. 3.x provides a lot of bloat features I don't need as I only want a torrent download client, not a multimedia client; but rather, refuses to implement any feature that actually matters: search in download list, 1 temp dir for multiple destination dirs (could be worked around, but not ideal), etc. What's worse, 3.x has serious cache and file accessing issue, though the performance is getting closer and closer to 2.x, it makes me think that new devs in bittorrent after acquisition don't understand the original code so they mess everything up and struggle to fix them all the way. Not to mention how buggy 3.1 was. 2.2.1 is not perfect: it loses connections after a network interface fail & restart (quite common for dial/vpn/dsl, i guess it's about upnp), and can't re-connect, and it has other problems. But it's still far more better than 3.x version in keeping tiny and concise.
  5. 3.1 26595 1) When double-clicking a torrent file ut opens a dialogue but the dialogue can't remember its position, so it keeps part of it outside the screen area every time it's triggered. 2) Torrent status remains "moving" when actually all the files have been moved. (Set different dirs for downloading and finished torrents) and saving dir info is not refreshed as well in torrent list, also, no log item indicates file moving complete. Maybe you forgot to do all the necessary works after a torrent's file moved?