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  1. Kiks99: those "not allowed"'s mean that the torrent has the privacy flag on. If you got it from a members-only tracker, those are correct settings. Osmosis has explained the second part of the error message.
  2. Iycgtptyarvg: I'm pretty sure Gmail won't accept an .exe attachment.
  3. Build #12495 does fix the problem I reported earlier. The changelog says so but I'm reporting that it really works. Thanks to Alus and to everyone else involved in curing it.
  4. Sorry, I don't remember how to do quote boxes here, and I no longer get a quote button. Switeck wrote, "You may need to uninstall Sygate Personal Firewall at least to rule it out as a cause of your problems. (Reinstall it as needed/wanted after done.) I'm running Win 98SE on a computer here, and uTorrent v1.8.1 beta build 12285 runs here." Thank you, but my system is too sick to dare that. Just turning it off and on again makes me nervous. I'd rather stick with an earlier release of µTorrent. Of course, if someone would cover all my responsibilities for a few weeks I'd actually update my OS, but that's going to remain a dream.
  5. Build 12285 behaves the same for me as 12183; I can run 12024 without difficulty. Foir both releases, the UPX and the uncompressed binary do the same thing: they open, as I said before, but then all buttons and icons are dead, and keystrokes do nothing, and I need to kill it through the Task Manager. They do get as far as Sygate Personal Firewall's asking if they have permission to access the Internet, and if I have preferences set to ask at the start whether to associate .torrent files with µTorrent (of course, I have to run build 12024 or earlier to set or clear that preference), the dialog box for that question comes up but the Yes and No buttons and the X to close are all dead to the click of the trackball button. Again, this is under Windows ME, and for complicated reasons, I'm not able to upgrade.
  6. Under Windows ME (long story why I can't get a chance to upgrade, please don't grill me) build 12183 shows its opening screen, Sygate personal firewall asks for permission to let it use the net, and then it hangs. No buttons or icons or keystrokes work, and I have to kill it through the task manager.
  7. Thanks, Boo. I can never remember to check for new topics; the only new ones I've seen or subscribed to in months are those that get links on those where I already subscribe.
  8. Can anyone report from experience yet whether superseeding (or Initial Seeding) has improved as promised in build 466? On the tracker where I'm a moderator, we get occasional complaints from leechers that surely the initial seeder (and so far lone seed), who is using µTorrent, must be stuck because no leecher is getting past 99.xx%.
  9. It does appear to check the sizes in build 464; I just downloaded 465 and haven't used it yet. (But I still think the box should be marked "Poison this torrent.") As I said in the thread I started about it, that's a huge help. Thanks for putting it through the channels to Ludde. Just today I had the hardest time persuading someone who was running build 437 and pointing to the wrong directory that he should not use "open for seeding." He kept insisting, "but when I don't use it, I'm not a seeder!" It took several rounds of further exchange and repeating that when he doesn't use it, he's a leecher, but when he uses it, he's a lying leecher posing as a seeder. Of course, the reason he got in touch with us in the first place was that he [believed he] had been seeding for hours and leechers on his torrent were showing download totals (several of them in excess of the total torrent size) but still were at 0.00% completion. Talk about padding your ratio at others' expense ...
  10. DivXTrdr, I also have Comcast service in Chicago and a Motorola Surfboard modem (the 5120), though no router, and while my IP is DHCP-assigned they haven't changed it in months. But I don't experience what you're reporting at all. Perhaps the problem is that you're saturating your uplink by not capping your download. The usual recommendations I've read are to limit it to 80% of what your ISP offers you (for us, about 40 KiB/s) while you're downloading, a little more while you're seeding but not downloading but still using your connection for web surfing or email or such, and perhaps going unlimited only if you're leaving torrents seeding while you're away from the computer and not using your connection for anything else at all.
  11. Ultima's right: I was talking about the name change. There may have been a small change in function, though: if I understood Firon right, it now makes sure the files are the right sizes, not just that they exist (convert to singular for a single-file torrent) before announcing as a seed.
  12. "Skip hash check" is a huge improvement over "Open for seeding." Thanks to Ludde for that.
  13. Manius, you mean you can see it? I've seen it only once, and never again since. Apparently there are other users who rarely or never can get a tooltip from the connectibility indicator.
  14. If this is a private beta, then forget my question about a changelog. (It really shouldn't have been publicized in this part of the forum, then.)
  15. Oh, there it is! It rolled under the credenza. Maybe when it comes out it would like to be a beta tester of µTorrent's WebUI.