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  1. where did you get a so recent release? is that the private beta? No. I think this is just mistake. But...
  2. I have some problems with 13/09/2011 build. It doesn't show all files in torrent. Only first 5.
  3. Sorry, can I hope that the bag with setting download priority by right-clicking, will be fixed in next build? I think it's not too difficult.
  4. All clear. Thanks. i don't know why but utorrent downloads and seeding bad. Graph scares me. Also speed should be 1.8MByte/s or 5-8MByte/s if using local retracker. With rtorrent im seeding up to 40Gb per 24 hour. With utorrent only 6Gb.
  5. Yes. Right click not working. Thanks for hint. I understand that this webui. I just could not get it to work. If I unpack the archive in the directory for the site (in my apache), he does not see the server. And if you connect to the line then everything works.
  6. thx for work! But alpha is still useless for me. The priority of files does not work. somebody can explain for what there is a archive