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  1. Well I haven't faced this error from last couple of days so I dunno if the problem exists anymore (in the new builds). v v For everyone with "Error: The Data is Invalid", open the download folder of the particular torrent. Notice anything different? It seemed that somehow, ".1" (dot one) extension was getting added to one of files in the torrent. And then I used to get "Error: The Data is Invalid". I removed the .1 extension and started the torrent, it had gone on fine , until unless, same happened again. Had happened to 2 different torrents for total 3 times. Hope this helps anyone.
  2. Hi DKT' date=' I like your icon. So what do you think about these options for minimizing to tray? Alt (spacebar) Alt n Alt F4[/quote'] Thanks, also for replying. I forgot to try Alt F4, but yea that worked. I'll still like the option in the file menu though, but is not really necessary. In addition for me having the problem closing it to tray via keyboard (which is kinda solved now), I find it odd that closing via close button minimizes it to tray but closing via exit totally closes the client. Also, I believe it's requested here before, but the tabs should be allowed to move/customize. I got to say. I've been the tester of 3.0 alpha from a long time, and unlike alpha (and last few builds of alpha), there's hardly any problem I can point at, in beta.
  3. This is a request in general. I like to close my uTorrent to tray and sometimes I don't have my mouse with me. So is there a possibility that you guys add "Close/minimize to tray" option in File menu?
  4. Same here. But 100% of a single core on a quad core CPU. Hence, shows 25% in task manager.
  5. Yeah that has been a problem in many of the 3.0 alpha builds. Just had to recheck a 7.8GB torrent two days ago. Took a long time and 95% of my RAM, probably irrespective of the total amount of RAM you have.
  6. The "disk overload:100%" is back on build 25137. Also, my sidebar, I've set it to the mini size via advanced options (gui.tall_category_list), and after I pressed the button that allows you to hide the sidebar (probably introduced in the last build), now whenever the sidebar is open, it blinks once in every two seconds overlapping the tabs etc. below. Very hard to post a screenshot about it.