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  1. Ultima, I replaced the file, but it is still not working: http://d.pr/i/8yaI+ (URL: http://xy/torrents.php?action=download&id=1002452 + I click on detect cookie, which loads: "nick=xy;pass=e24bb2c5eb3a490da ") When I add new torrent via URL, like this: http://xy/torrents.php?action=download&id=1002452:COOKIE:nick=xy;pass=e24bb2c5eb3a490da This is working, and torrent starts downloading. Is there any way to debug this bug? :/ I am here to help you.
  2. I have problem with webui. The download rate limiting is not working. Any idea how to fix this problem? Preferences->Bandwith: Global Download Rate Limiting is set to x value. Apply rate limit to UTp connections is enabled. Utorrent still working on full speed. Another problem is with private trackers and cookies: which is working: adding torrent via url like this: http://xy.com/torrents.php?action=download&id=999943:COOKIE:nick=mynick;pass=mypass Which not: 1,Add Torrent via URL, manually enter cookie: http://d.pr/i/vGuR+ 1, via the cookie manager. I tried to set cookie based on the working URL (nick=mynick;pass=mypass), without success: http://d.pr/i/CmgH+ Is this correct? Because not working. I tried to make cookie :COOKIE:nick=mynick;pass=mypass, not working. I have no more idea.
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