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  1. I tried Crossover Office, didn't work unfortunately. It works on Cedega 5 though, I can confirm that too .
  2. I did answer you, maybe my mail didn't reach it's destination .
  3. No, I don't . And if You have some suggestions about this script let me know and I'll apply them.
  4. I also wrote a script to calculate these settings based on Your formulas. Take a look:
  5. MaV

    Great programs you use

    Browser: Firefox Email: Gmail Movie player: Media Player Classic IM: Miranda IM IRC: Miranda IM voip in general: Google Talk Music Player: iTunes Unzipping: Total Commander / XP built-in Picture browsing: Picasa Picture editing: Picasa / Photoshop CD burning: Nero Express 6 Image mounting: Daemon tools Text: Editplus CD Ripping: iTunes