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    WebUI v0.315

    I had 2 reasons to pursue this capability: 1) To adjust the Scheduler 2) To "Pause All Torrents" or "Resume All Torrents" as available locally from the Taskbar icon Neither of these seem to be possible from the Web UI. Let me know if I'm missing something, but if not please consider them for future development. Thanks! e.l.
  2. rserling

    WebUI v0.315

    First, thanks to everyone involved for the great efforts and patience on this. schnurlos: Terribly sorry to ask, and this is not a rhetorical or sarcastic question, but are you implying that I should read through 29 pages of random forum postings, back in time 6 months and n releases, to find the single piece of information I'm looking for? Your link took me to the start of this thread. After slogging through the first 13 pages or so (and double-checking it's not April 1 today), I was not able to clearly determine whether the oft-mentioned readme was part of the separate webui download or the latest full program release. And, if it is still required to copy to %AppData%, couldn't that be in the main web FAQ, instead of being buried in the readme, buried in a folder? Finally, it would help to have a WEB LINK to a copy of the almighty readme, for those who are trying to test from a location other than the local host where it resides. Then, every time you chastise people for not reading it, you can also point to it, and then you can REALLY get pissy with others for not having read it. Oh did I say that out loud?
  3. rserling

    WebUI v0.315

    Is the Web UI built in to the latest uTorrent release (1.6.1)? I have settings for it in Preferences, but trying to connect remotely results in a blank page (after login prompt).