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    µTorrent WebUI

    Ultima, They fixed the API!!.... Downloaded the latest utorrent 3.0 today and it works. list-dirs to get the dirs and action=add-url&s=''+Data+'&download_dir='+dir to start the download. var dir btw is the index number. So you have to use the index number of the list-dirs and not the name.
  2. Gup

    µTorrent WebUI

    This is the option in utorrent 3.0 and this is the thing i get in WEBUI So i don't now if the api even exposes these dirs that u can set in uTorrent. and the option action=list-dirs works as api call. It returns the dirs defined. Just how to use them boggles me as i don;t know every api-call. Here is output from my app.
  3. Gup

    µTorrent WebUI

    Well it still isn't working. If i define some paths in utorrent under the advanced--->WEBUI. I dont see them in the selection dialogbox when i add a torrent. (webUI also doesnt have this added in the preferences so i had to define them in utorrent itself). I tried to do this manually in a plugin i wrote. Adding the option to a dlurl : 'action=add-url&s='+Data+'&download_dir='+dir I tried the var dir as the path in text I tried the var dir as an index number (0,1,2) Both crash utorrent 3.0 (i used the latest version) Seems not properly tested with the devs.