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  1. To reproduce: 1. Open the "bugged" Show Statistics. 2. Open Speed -> Transfer History.
  2. I took a look at Speed ->Transfer History. For me, it is switching itself between "upload+download only" and "uploaded only". And after a few "rounds" it turns ALL lines off for a minute or so... Of course, the linecolors in legend, which are not displayed, are grayed out. In case it matters, I'm doing Force Re-check of a 88GB torrent, which consists of many files. Another interesting glitch: When you highlight a row, almost all values in columns are shifted 1 px to the left. //Win7 x64 Ult
  3. Ilan Shamir, I have replied to your message. Hope, it reaches you and helps to solve this problem. By the way, Anyone wonders about the release date of 24023? why year 2010?
  4. Webseed with first redirect-reply doesn't work and get banned instantly. Works fine on 2.0.4 and 2.2.RC2. 2.2: Disconnect: redirecting (1) and rerequests finely. 3.0: Disconnect: invalid http reply (<html>)