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  1. Forced ads, no option to disable... Looks like I need to pick another free torrent client from the many ad free ones available.
  2. That is not a bug. It is doing what it is supposed to do. You certainly are mistaking "downloaded" for "completed".
  3. Download the new version from page 1 of this thread and install it
  4. Selecting files in file tab sometimes (I don't know what triggers it) auto de-select making it impossible to do anything with right click. Edit: just happens in some files and in the ones that happen in some auto de-select immediatly and in other takes few secs
  5. I also don't get update notification. Perhaps you have a 32 bit release also installed or not properly removed and it's conflicting with 64 bit release.
  6. Completed downloads are not moving to the specified directory.
  7. The cache problem is somehow fixed but it still grows until it takes around 500mb of memory (I don't know the exact amount). 24305 Anyway thumbs up for the great work you have been doing
  8. Well... it might be... just saying, I do not really understand much but... you know it was not like that using previous versions of uTorrent so no need to stress out because of innocent comments
  9. I confirm the memory leak. I open uTorrent before i go sleep and in the morning my ram is full. utorrent.exe process shows normal memory usage in task manager although when i close uTorrent the ram usage goes back to normal. I suppose it takes few hours to fill my 2gb ram.
  10. Sort by status (% complete) is not working since some versions ago