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  1. v3.3.1 Beta (build 29579). Working fine, but this and the last versions have been consistently installing into the AppData folder and not "C:\uTorrent\uTorrent.exe" as I would prefer (there was no set location on the installer). I closed utorrent and manually moved the exe file.
  2. Yep, moved onto the 27718 build. Hopefully it doesn't get broken in an update!
  3. LOL yes that is the perfect way....But the column headers are not there? Look at this image from a previous page in this column headers are missing like this...
  4. Name/Size at top of file list as in this screenshot (googled, thus ignore version at top and imagine there are 10's of items in the list). How are they "still sortable inside"? I want to choose before downloading, etc.
  5. What happened to the "Add New Torrent" > name/size sorting? :|
  6. +1 ...they used to be fine just a few builds ago. Can this be a user option? {hopes} ...I really liked how it cleaned up the I don't have all my categories full all of the time. The last few builds have been working great. Kudos!