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  1. I noticed a high disc activity as well as CPU usage. My C2D is kept on 35% mark by uTorrent alone. Also, it read too much for the seeding it was doing - uploading at the rate of ~400-500kB/s and always reading at ~3MB/s. What is strange that the cache is not filled up but constantly refreshed - keeps up to 4 or 8MB of reading cache. By stopping that torrent the CPU dropped down to ~15% which is still far too much. I add a screenshot: Update: The usage increase up to 40-50% even while no uploading took place. Turning it off.
  2. I observed a very high uT CPU usage during file hash check (full core out of two). What was strange, was that in a 17GB torrent with 3 (in middle of all) files present on disk (not fully downloaded) and other 47 skipped, it managed to swiftly reach the beginning of these three (~24%), check through them and - check further (!) with increased CPU load... Checked the files, that were nowhere to be found. (They were once present, but then deleted.) After accomplishing the task, uT did not start the download process itself, even though it was set to it at the beginning. After manually stop-starting, the speed increased as it should and after like 5 seconds uT froze... Hash dump of that freeze: DUMP There were many such freezes.
  3. Here is my dump of disk overloaded state (uT 2.1.18936): Dump This happens with tampered manual cache setting of 200MB and with auto. The writing cache just fills up and uT makes no attempts to flush anything to hdd. I have enough space and the hdd is not on network. Downloading a single torrent (streamable) with 25 files at quite low speed of 100-150kB/s considering the 200MB cache. And it still fills up. Having multiple downloads at 5MB/s combined doesn't produce any different results. On exiting it still runs and has to be manually closed through Task Manager. Running Win7 x64. Will try to enable windows caching... EDIT1: Yay! uT hung big time after trying to change from Disk Statistics to Files tab. But cache was written out very peacefully with windows managing it... Dump EDIT2: *sigh* The hang is reproducable. Even by doing nothing. Win caching enabled. EDIT3: Now that's is getting weird. Without any write caching enabled uT managed to succesfully operate for about exactly 20 minutes. Currently, even with cache being disabled, it is being filled. No hard disk writes from uT side... This might have happened when I deleted some unrelated files on the disk in question. As a side note: no uploading can take place... Read cache exceeded its capacity 4/2.1MB. Drag and drop sharing is also lost. The progress bar does not go anywhere and it is not possible to close it... Writing to cache continues. EDIT4: A separate case: uT hung when performing Re-Check on files with previously some pieces completed then deleted completely (only tmp file left).
  4. 18803 starts up without any resume.dat present and later on crashes. With some resumes from older versions it shows the memory allocation notice or simply crashes. Win7 x64
  5. @Lord Alderaan It IS disabled, but snatches the handling anyway - upon every start...
  6. I'm sorry to interrupt, but I don't quite like one feature. It's automatic .torrent extension associating. I mean, it's not that µTorrent is the only BitTorrent client we use (2 µTs at time) and changing back the .torrent extension every time you open µT is quite annoying...
  7. As well as tkittich, I missed range selection in Add torrent dialog :/
  8. There's one bug: when adding a torrent and you change local disc, the information about disc space is not updated.