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  1. I don't know if this is overhead or what, but in any case I find it strange that while I am only seeding I am still downloading with a 7-10Kb/s (depending on how many connections? The dl rate varies between 0.1Kb/s up to as much as 3-4Kb/s per connection and it even happens with connection that doesn't have any requests for ul going on - seems strange and wrong to me. 2.0 build 16126 on XP SP3 32-bits
  2. TheSacredSoul: I am running 4 torrents right now, of which 1 is from demonoid and it's the one performing best (roughly 50/50) although it has the lowest priority. While none of the other perform half as good. My connection is supposed to have been upgraded from 4/2 Mb/s to 6/3 Mb/s from 1 May but now I wonder if they didn't turned the wheel in the wrong direction feeling more like I have a 2/1 but it might have to do with other peers as well. The demonoid one has quite many peers while the others rather few.
  3. I think 8 might be a high value in many cases, on my XP Pro SP2, P4 3 HT and 2G RAM, a value of 8 results in uT just keep on open connections making Firefox unusable after a while. If just seeding it takes longer but if d/l it goes rather quickly. I decreased it to 4 and since have no problems. Another thing I noticed as well was that uT didn't seem to honer my global Max connections value, although I set it to 250 it just kept on open connections until computer finally crashed. After lowering half_open to 4 and global max to 100 all now is well, but there seem to be a hell of activity with incoming connection replacing each other.
  4. Switeck, thanks! I have now changed to have global max as 100, and 15 max per torrent, and half full value changed from 8 to 4, so lets see if that makes a differance. Is it possible to edit the torrent file, removing the udp announce and possibly a few other or will that makes it invalid in some way? I also have tried to change the net.outgoing_port and net.outgoing_max_port, to set an outgoing range (dev CodeRed gave this tip in other threed) but it seem like only the port set for net.outgoing_port is used for new connection, not anything in the range.
  5. No it isn't quite how I thought, uT does open more and more ports all the time, however if just seeding the progress is so much slower. But eventually it has eaten all resources there is. Am I the only one experiencing this btw? I don't know what is expected as "normal" for how many ports opened by uT though. They seem to be opened in sequence, one after the other, increasing range. I can't tell if it ever closes any ports, the counter jumps back 1 or a few steps from time to time, but it might be from other processes running as well. If I pause or stop the torrents it slowly starts to release ports one by one. I am using the uncompressed 1170 btw
  6. I noticed for one of my torrents the value of "tracker status" column all the time jumped between different values like "working", "timeout", "hostname not found" etc. which made me look at the General tab. It showed the torrent was announced all the time to different trackers, so I opened the torrent file in my editor and found this on the first line d8:announce41: Studio 2005 AiO (April 2007), 3 DVDs, En-US, all platforms. also if I just start the other torrents and not this one, I have no problem to use my Firefox browser opening pages, but if I run this one = "goodbye to Firefox" Now I wonder if this might be a specially crafted torrent, done just to cause problems or possibly to exploit this in uTorrent as I think this is what makes it crazy about opening ports until the system is haused. the torrent was originally published at demonoid but I found it one mininova as I don't have an account at the former place.
  7. Well I might have found something here, but as I'm no network expert I am not sure. I though I should watch activity in Outpost to see what happened when I started uT and while it was running. I then noticed that it opened one port after the other and finally when I closed it (have to or I can't get here) it had opened more then 600 ports although there was only 60 connections. And it was not that 600 was a max or something, I just stopped it there. But before I stopped it I first Paused and then Stopped the torrents, one after one, assuming that would close down ports but not really. But that's maybe ok as after a while the counter started to decrease slowly... but it all sounds strange to me. I figure that might was behind why I had problem to "wake up" my computer this morning, all ports was probably exhausted. Now I wonder, I read in the change log a "race condition" was fixed in 1137 (was running this morning), but I run 1170 now, can this be it still being an issue?
  8. Well Outpost or not, it's seem very obvious though as soon as I launch uT I get problems to access anything with FireFox, even if I Paus all (4) torrents there is still problem but a tad better. Closing uT no problems at all. And I want to point out this also was the case before I started to use Outpost. I just installed Outpost yesterday and before used just Windows own fw. I never saw this in any of the other clients I have tested (started out with BitTorrent and then changed to Az and now uT 1.7). It's possible Outpost give worse performance, but I don't think it's related to this. Unfortunately, if what you said is true, I took the offer (after hearing lots recommendations for Outpost) of a 3 years subscription ;-( I am not going to jump off uT for this as I still think it's the best client (although I loved Az "Gaint Eye") but I feel there must be something wrong with this and if it's uT we want to solve it of course. I have a 4/2 Mb connection, and have set uT with max 250 global connections and max 50 for each torrent, u/l 70 kb/s so I don't really try to squees the most of of it. btw, I am not sure if this belongs to this thread, if not just let me know and I will open annother in troubleshooting or what would be suitable?
  9. ok thanks for the answers. I am still bugged by though how this can be so extensive to the point of timing out my router - although uTorrent still seem to work fine. Well I will test a bit more now when both uT and Outpost have been updated to latest versions and see how it goes.
  10. Hmm, correct me if I am wrong but of what I have read I understood it as DHT only made use of UDP, but the majority of these connections are with TCP? I am worried as before testing uT I used Az and although I d/l with 300Kb/s and u/l 100 Kb/s I had no major problems to use Firefox and browse the web at the same time, but since I changed to uT I have started to experience browse problems, appearently because my router seem to timeout my outbound http requests. I even tried to use another computer on my private network to browse but I simply couldn't get out to the outside and a ping to my router gateway (internal or external) ip simply gave timeout.
  11. Can someone explain this, as I am rather new to this. As soon as I start my computer I get a lot of connection tries to the port I use for uTorrent, which then are blocked by Outpost as the port is closed (uT doesn't run yet). When I then start uTorrent (1170) the port gets open and the connections are allowed by Outpost and connections are done to uT. But the wired this as I see it is that although I stop all my torrens (currently 2 d/l and 2 seeding) the connections continues... almost seem like some kinda DOS to me or is this a "normal" thing?
  12. I had to pay a visit to my ISP this morning, so I had set the scheduler to disable all jobs in early hours until afternoon ;-) but when I came back to the office I almost wasn't able to get into my computer as something obviously used a lot of resources. It took me almost an hour to get the mouse pointer to the XP login icon for my working account name, and then another 20 minutes to get to the X icon of uTorrent to close it down (keyboard wasn't responsive so I couldn't do a Ctrl+Alt+Del). After a minute uTorrent closed down and I noticed OutPost had crashed, but within 10 seconds or so after uTorrent closed the system became fully responsive again. I am still not quite sure what was going on as I couldn't do a Ctrl+Alt+Del viewing anything of what was going on, so will have to investigate a bit further under controlled forms to see if I can reproduce it. Anyhow, I am new to uTorrent but have had a very positive experience so far, although after installing Outpost it seem I don't get the same steady u/l rate as I had before but it might be due to configuration or even swarm problems. I have am external router and fw managed by my ISP and after asking them to open some ports for uTorrent I had excelent and steady performance running with just the XP SP2 fw, however I got huge problems to browse the web due to extensive port scanning (lowering my u/l etc. or even close uT didn't help much) so I replaced it with Outpost. This has improved my browse experience, but uT now (at least seem to) perform worse. ok, sorry for the long post, it was my first here :-)