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  1. Don't forget about "webui.download_folders" and "ct_hist" (of osmosis).
  2. available for 30 days. 1. setup in php.ini: memory_limit = 2048M (may be more for 138MB file, script eat ~1.5GB) 2. put settings.dat in same directory with scripts 3. execute the script from browser 4. get "fixed_settings.dat" from directory of the script and put it in directory with utorrent with name "settings.dat"
  3. I wrote simple script to fix settings.dat (on php). If anyone required, ask me I can share the script or convert your file. 2Firon: If you still not all cases fixed, here my broken lists in settings.dat (was records => fixed count): add_dialog_hist: 180224 => 11 dl_image_modifiedsince: 65536 => 7 lvc_addpre/columns: 49152 => 3 lvc_conversion/columns: 180224 => 11 lvc_device/columns: 180224 => 11 lvc_files/columns: 262144 => 16 lvc_overview_apps/columns: 638976 => 39 lvc_overview_rss/columns: 638976 => 39 lvc_peers/columns: 311296 => 19 lvc_tracker/columns: 131072 => 8 webui.pair_hashes/entries: 131072 => 8
  4. 2Firon: Can you describe structure of settings.dat and what kind of its data rapidly growed? May be we can write own script to fix them? (build 27020 load them, but take on reading few minutes + eat ~600MB of memory => it simply contains not required data and it should be possibly to clear it) thank you.
  5. build 22626 still load with Windows (autostart) in maximized mode... (2.0.x and early builds of 2.2 loaded silent in systray) build 22732 can't test, because autoupdate don't see it and I don't see anything about my problem in changelogs of build 22732. Windows 7 x32
  6. start from build 21145 utorrent don't silently load with Windows (in systray). Now it load with Windows and show it's window... Can you fix this? thank you.
  7. 2developer: why you release version with dirty icons (General, Peers, Pieces, Files, Speed, Logger)? I mean background of this icons not so transparent... it dirty transparent or without transparent... (used skinned Windows)