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  1. I experience almost the same crash as GTHK, but my utorrent first crashes when i click on the advanced tab in the advanced window. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?mmzje4gzm0d in add torrent -> advanced the field "trackers" contain hieroglyphs and maximum download rate, maximum uploade rate have weird values http://www.mediafire.com/imageview.php?quickkey=ytzgmnwwtwj&thumb=6
  2. What are the changes from 3351 to 3353?
  3. @napouser Have tried to copy one of the new links and replacing the version number by one of the old one? It works fine.
  4. @SumiVano You're about that fact about the skipped files. I've just looked at my torrents' files tab, and theese are also the only torrents where I have skipped some files. http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=254826#p254826 The developers will fix it in next build.
  5. Isn't this a topic to solve problems in the betas? If not, what are theese replies on the last 35 pages then? It is a problem that only occurs in µtorrent 1.7 build 2132 and newer. If the bug will be solved by posting it in another category, fine for me, I just pointed a bug in the betas. btw. a deeper explaination of the bug is here: I order my torrents after the column "completed on", so I have newest finished torrents in the bottom. Every torrents I have downloaded (after downloading build 2132) changes the time-stamp on which they were finished to the exact time i open µTorrent. I hope you'll see that is a bug.
  6. I have just found a bug, that causes some torrents to update their "completed on" status, every time I start up µTorrent. I've tried to track the bug. In 1977 there is no problem, but in 2132 it occurs. I have tested all three types of packages on both builds. All my active torrents after 2132 were released on 27/5 updates its status, except 2 torrents, which were completed on 28/5 and 3/6.
  7. I was thinking about if the new way to select files to download could also be implemented in the files, where you are able to set priority when the torrent is started. I love this new system, it's much more manageable. I look forward to see the new beta when i'm home from school.
  8. in the scheduler options when you hold the cursor over a square the icon for full speed overlap the text about the time period.
  9. After switching from 1.6.1 to 1.7 beta 1137 I'm fainally able to map a port. I have afaik allways had uPnP enabled in µtorrent and in my router settings. Earlier I was able to forward a port in my router and enter that portnumber i µtorrent but suddenly it didn't work. Now It's able to discover a uPnP device and it now works perfectly. I almost the same problem as Katalu. When I downloaded the beta I replaced the stable 1.6.1 b490 executable with the beta. When I boot a pop-up occours telling me, that µtorrent is already loaded in the background.