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  1. Thanks Ludde for your brilliant work!!!
  2. If i may say so i like the red one as well a lot!
  3. i've just posted a link to your page on the french forum i'm on, i know some of the members are members here too, it can help to spread the "good word" Thanks for your great idea!
  4. I use utorrent for a few weeks now and i just find it great!!! and also thanks for your help Ludde to my tiny pbs about getting in onto your forum! i'm a member of a french community that is imposing µtorrent (and azureus yark!) as the only clients of it's site, that means that µtorrent is starting to be quite known cool! Thanks for your great job and improvements you're implementing into it!(apologizes for some of my words not sure about them and thanks to the french translator YASS!!!