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  1. Got it, thanks. So it works either by upload or by getting .torrent file via http (just like command in uT), WebUI backend can choose which action to take by the submitted data. It would simplify that dialog. edit: OK, that makes sense. Lets see what Directrix thinks about above thoughts
  2. Yeah I know, I'm not talking about merging them, but just making them on one form and checking if we specified file to upload or tracker URL and choosing appropriate action. But as I told I don't know yet the use of those two fields.
  3. I'd suggest just combining all those input fields and having one set of "OK", "Cancel" buttons. But I have no clue what for there are "Tracker URL" and especially "Cookies" fields. Usually I upload a .torrent file via that form.
  4. Adding torrents seems not working for me at all in the latest WebUI version, confirmed by a friend of mine too. Edit: nevermind, I was pushing wrong "OK" button. Two "OK" buttons in one dialog is quite confusing.
  5. Could anyone give status update on adding torrent feature not working? It's pretty essential for me. If you need any additional info about my setup, logs or anything I'd be glad to help.
  6. I can confirm this. When starting downloading of a new torrent first of all i receive 1 seed and after a few second a bunch of others. But this is observed on one private tracker, so I'm not 100% sure.
  7. I've downloaded a torrent and it's seeding now (status = Seeding) though it is showing with green downloading icon. Comes back to normal after manual WebUI reload.
  8. Thanks for the new version, new UI looks pretty neat. One of my feature requests for future versions would be ability to see tracker status and announce time, now I'm quite blind not being able too see this info when viewing from a remote machine. Is this possible? Cheers!
  9. It says -1 (0 connecting). Before stopping all torrents it was -1 (8 connecting). No. Works after restart.
  10. Thank you very much for the great release! It was very exciting to follow up development process over more than 5 thousands posts, I will miss that
  11. The LPD feature wasn't available before 1.7.x line.
  12. Okay, lets imagine there is a torrent file with two annouce urls: 1. http://domain:port 2. http://ipaddress:port (ipaddress lookups to domain so its a backup in case of DNS problems) but in the µTorrent they are listed as 2. and then 1. So annouce comes from 2. Is that feature or bug? [edit] and btw announce parameter is explicitly set to 1. so I wonder why 2. is used.
  13. I've noticed an issue with tray icon when updating from 1.7 to 1.7.1. After installation programm was restarted but tray icon wasn't created. I suspect its something to do with activity before update. All is okay after next restart.
  14. Great release indeed, thanks a lot for your hard work!
  15. Works okay for me. Have you checked the "Logger" tab for errors? I'm sorry, but can anyone comment on my post?