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    Ultima - I've been this tool for a little while, been really impressed with it. But today was the first time I needed to find any data with it, and was really impressed with the search feature. I just wanted to say thanks, it's a fantastically useful tool.
  2. As an Azureus developer, I'm glad you like our client. Which Azureus supports as well. Now, those two things aside - your post was silly and pointless. Especially: I hate those kind of comments, as if people who spend huge amounts of their time (usually for free) on either coding software or supporting it somehow *owe* you something.
  3. Switeck - Azureus has been doing the same thing (dropping peer connections and "forgetting" saved peer connections) for private torrents since I think it is a good idea, although it is limited in its effectiveness. What would be better is if there was a mechanism for clients to communicate with trackers to find out if the peer that they are connected to (which may have connected to them) is "valid" or not. But to do that, you'd need trackers which would support such a scheme. And for trackers to support such a scheme, you'd need clients written which support the functionality... It'd also help if those tracker admins which request such functionality would get round to testing it when the BT client writers actually write the functionality for them... they know who they are.
  4. Just to be slightly more exact - BitTyrant's peer ID starts off with "AZ2500BT" (the BT presumably standing for BitTyrant). Annoyingly, that means that it mentions what version of Azureus it is based on, but not what version of BitTyrant it is.