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  1. rc3 99.9% bug still persists am on win7 x64 i need to terminate the process via task manager always. exiting the program normally doesn't actually exit.
  2. one more bug to mention (since all versions I believe) I have my directories setup in an unorthodox manner. put new downloads in "c:\downloads\__incomplete__" move completed downloads to "c:\downloads" store new torrents in "c:\downloads\__torrent__" of 1000 torrents downloaded, bout 50 don't get moved from "c:\downloads\__incomplete__" to "c:\downloads" It's surely not because I have explorer in that folder so it gets locked out, no. This is on a 'server' where nothing else runs. I did notice that, "starting" the torrent then "stopping" it again helps. If I were to guess what the problem is, the file was probably seeding the exact same time it completes (tries to move folder)
  3. I would like to add one more thing to the 99.9% issue. (This is what I noticed when restarting utorrent after having a torrent stuck at 99.9%) Even at 1% -- if working normally, i can get better speeds. So if a transfer goes at say 50KB/sec, I close utorrent and reopen, and it immediately goes 1MB/sec. Well, something like that.
  4. I can't post the bsod results cuz when this happens, windows disconnects my system drive. the bsod minidump's aren't saved. i've had the above bsod message and KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR, though i haven't since this message since using a latter version. This is true for 2 pc's so far, with similar setups, although not identical. Both on sandforce 1200 ssd. However, this happens ONLY and ONLY when utorrent is on. I have never seen this occur without utorrent.
  5. bsoding in win7 x64, with ipv6 in utorrent disabled "system process unexpectedly exit blalbabala"
  6. my drivers are the latest definitely. can't save memory dump cuz as soon as bsod happens, my hard drive loses connectivity with the os, resulting in "kernel_data_inpage_error" sometimes. in the beginning, i thought it had something to do with my ssd drive, later what i found was, it only happens when utorrent is on. in any case, i was using an older build, i've just upgraded and in the changelog it said something about crash fixes, so lets see waht happens.. ---- in any case, there's something else that really bothers me say, utorrent isn't running. .torrents are associated with utorrent. i click on a torrent link, and open it. utorrent launches, however, the torrent isn't added. I need to click on the torrent link once more and reopen the torrent to have it added to the list. didn't happen in windows xp. why is it this way in windows 7. any fixes? that aside, the UI isn't refreshed as well. so after adding the torrent, i gotta click on "Torrents" under categories to see the new torrent. does this happen to just me?
  7. Can anybody confirm bsod's with win7 64bit. After a while trying to figure out the bsods, and thinking my new ssd is the root of the problem, i noticed that my bsods occur only when utorrent is on. i've disabled ipv6 from the registry and i still get it. hmm..