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  1. "Sign Up" for WebUI beta testing

    Hey, I would love to test the webUI. I will test it in IE, firefox, and my main browser opera 9 TP2. I have a 3MB/s connection. I only have XP, but I have 3 machines that I can test it on. I can also test it in the SBC yahoo! browser. I test betas for avast and for µT as well. I can also test it on computers that arent at my house like at friends or at familys. And, as you can see im a very active member here on the forums, so ill report anything that doesnt seem right.
  2. PeerFactor+utorrent?

    It is funny to see much of the p2p community behave like paranoid teenagers. Hm, maybe because they ARE paranoid teenagers. Paranoid teenagers? Hm..never heard of one.
  3. PeerFactor+utorrent?

    Im glad im a member of phoenixlabs and not bluetack. I assure you we will do much better at maintaining the blocklists. This is retarted!
  4. Well, I know that people say that comcast reports your IP adress to the P2P police. Since they work with time warner.
  5. Could we also list IPS that DON'T?
  6. Im sure this will help lots of people!
  7. Logo (56kers beware)

    Nice allgood.
  8. Logo (56kers beware)

    wow...obviously you only think about yourself....
  9. Logo (56kers beware)

    How do you take off the shortcut?
  10. Logo (56kers beware)

    FOOOD has a blue one!?