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  1. Still getting disk overload with the "improved" version in the same amount of time. Can't see any difference from the post ludde releases. Small changes to the interface and part of the crap-ware has been removed. Maybe after a few more downgrades we will get a decent version. Is there a light installer without asking me about all the crapware? If I needany of that stuff I would download it separately. I forgot to uncheck the toolbar which is checked by default last time and it took 15 minute to uninstall all the crapware/spyware. As much as I love another toolbar hanging around all my browsers I think I'll pass.
  2. Personally I don't know if the devs are completely oblivious as to why people started using uTorrent since it's creation by ludde. microTorrent - as in a small torrent application that does the job it was intended to. Since 3.0 and later version a lot of crap-ware has been added which I, as well as other friends or people I work it never use. Now here is my point - since u have two separate applications Bittorrent and uTorrent- let Bittorent appeal to the masses with ad supported content and all that crap and leaving uTorrent as the small, compact and fast application that ludde built from the start. As it stands, u keep copy/pasting each other(Bit and uT) and risk alienating both your casual and hardcore users (me included) who might switch to an entire client completely. I'm not mad about u guys trying to make a living, I'm pissed at your poor marketing skills and at the fact that you took a really nice application and started turning into something unrecognizable. Offer us a simple, small and fast torrent client without search bar, apps or devices and we will keep using uTorrent. Yours truly, Cody PS: One thing you could do instead is fix the slow I/O and constant Disk Overload issues. Until 3.0 and later I never had such horrendous performance issues on all computers I use the application on.
  3. While the GUI is minimized or in the tray - no GUI onscreen. 46 torrents in total some them innactive, uploading at about 650KB/s, I've setup so that only one download is active at a time - just like in the older version. Tried deleting the settings.dat so the version mimics a fresh install. I'm currently testing the downloading speed some more. Tried rebooting the PC... uninstalled all the apps. Memory consumption is about 34MB while the GUI is offscreen. Just browsing the apps jumps the memory consumption to about 45MB. I'll test some more.
  4. I've been using uTorrent since pre-1.0 versions. I and all the people that I know at least, love it's most important feature: the small footprint on system resources. Now with the new 2.2 version they should rename it to bloatTorrent... 15-22% CPU utilization from 1-5% after upgrading to the new version. The new apps are unusable because of the memory consumption - over 200MB when I tried to use the maps + the fact that I can't even reach half the download speed I used to get with the old version -> it keeps oscillating between 3-5MB while the old version reached 10MB no questions asked. The developers should just split the development versions in half and leave all the bloat-ware in the BitTorrent client for the minority that actually like that kind of thing and keep the uTorrent version clean and fast. Either the 2.2 version should still be in beta or something is seriously wrong with the added features. Sorry guys this is my personal opinion and I'll leave it at that. Thank you for your hard work but I'll stick to the older 2.0.4 until the problems have been resolved or some new changes arrive.