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  1. - Change: include all adapters in subnet search for local peers - Change: consider peers in reserved local ranges as local peers - Change: don't limit local peers by default Great changes!
  2. why "bt.limit_local_peers" is true to default? discover local peer is useless in this way.
  3. UPnP now works fine for me, but it still maps ports on both routers, not only my gateway. P.S.: why bt.limit_local_peers is default to true? I think that if you check "Enable local peer discovery" it should be false.
  4. I have some bugs with UPnP: like tjohns ports NOT get unmapped on exit. My router is a Netgear 834G. With stable version it works like it should. Also I'm connected to my friend's LAN and uTorrent maps a port on both my router and my friend's router: my lan<-->my router (with my adsl)<---->his router (with his adsl)<-->his lan Thanks