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  1. just another domain squatter :/ Well, basically he's saying that he didn't know about it. However, a lot of people don't believe this, I guess it's just like everything with µTorrent, you are trusting ludde by running his code so you'll have to deal with it really.
  2. Yep, that pretty much sums it all up. By executing ludde's code on your PC, you're basically handing it over to him anyway. As he mentioned after the Christmas message, he could be using the program to read your email, plant ads on your PC or pretty much anything he wants. If you don't trust ludde, don't use the software. I'm glad to see people who don't research things properly leave µTorrent. If you can't be bothered to find out exactly what happened with this agreement, then you don't deserve to use such a great piece of software This IRC transcript, posted earlier, shows the idiocy behind bluetack's lists. Really quite pathetic.
  3. Snowflake = FrostWire, another p2p app. Well, sort of. I still wouldn't go with it.
  4. gah.. Make sure you open BSH's work in fullsize, the thumbnails are hideous!
  5. BSH's most recent design kicks ass!
  6. Something that looks good and represents what µTorrent is all about (eg. BSH's bee = "for the swarm"). In case you have forgotten/don't know, Azureus used to have just a Comic Sans A as the logo, but they basically did a similar thing to this (though there was much less debate) and ended up with the frog which by now is quite recognizable.
  7. The way I see it, ideally, a .torrent could have ANY http:// link to the file(s) embedded in it, and you could add an http:// link as a peer to accelerate your downloads. The only think I'm not sure about is how you can manage to only download certain pieces of a file over HTTP, IIRC this isn't supported by all servers? :/
  8. Bloody brilliant. Did you copy that verbatim and edit out the torrent name? First off, you're missing the ?, and second, most torrent sites don't require a name. It should just be download.php?id=13202. Sounds like a bad RSS feed to me. As for adding torrents from every other RSS autodownload program (read: TVTAD and TorrentVCR), no, v1.4 makes them obsolete (mostly). µTorrent now has most of their functionality built-in. edit: Can we have a build 398 - 402 changelog please?
  9. IMO, BSH's site design and bees are the shit. I love the way he's gone ahead with the "swarm" theme - the hive in the O which could easily be used for program icons, where a bee wouldn't scale down so well, is genius. While I can see the appeal of Shrill's bee - simpler, and I do think that BSH's is a little too glossy, I have to say that the integration of the hive is what does it for me. Anyway, after the "winner" is chosen, we can still choose our own systray, program icons, etc.
  10. splintax


    thanks for all your excellent work on this do you think you could edit your original post to include a link to What is flags.conf?[/urk] in the FAQ? It might not be the most logical place to look for a newbie wondering what to do with these files. (Also maybe this FAQ entry should have info on flags.bmp too?)
  11. shrill, those are great not sure i feel about the viking though.. sure it looks nice but.. it's a viking! eMule's.. mule.. is much cuter
  12. What is the CPU usage like? Also, what is the content of the torrents - do they contain lots of individual files inside them? (Unicode support apparently introduces significant overhead with lots of files.)
  13. OT, but the scientific name for the poison dart frog is Dendrobates azureus, and as far as I know that's where the name for the program came from.
  14. Okay, it's not much I know, but here's my first effort.. http://img37.imageshack.us/img37/1066/utorrent8ye.jpg An idea we could work from..
  15. Wow. If this web seeding does what Xilon is saying it does, that would be totally awesome. (As long as the server was configured to only allow leeching from a torrent client UA, because if people just started leeching from the HTTP/FTP with their browser that wouldn't be cool...) I thought that the OP was just asking for something like TorrentFlux, which I think is a stupid idea for µT to 'implement' - since it would be a totally different program! But if it works like Xilon suggested, I'm definitely all for it