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    µTorrent WebUI

    The WebUI doesn't fill the whole width of the browser window if the labels' sidebar is hidden.
  2. True, the x64 client has been posted some months after the last x86 release but: 1) why an updated x86 build hadn't been posted WITH the x64 one? 2) giving away frequent updates makes the devs work simpler: more feedback -> less work for them. @benn0: I'm planning to develop an uTorrent Server GUI. It can be programmed fairly easily though the API.
  3. To when the next update? uTorrent Remote doesn't work and utserver is quite a resource hog (there are some leaks in the code). I gotta restart it every day... -.-
  4. The main issue is that many private trackers don't accept beta versions of BitTorrent clients so a stable release is needed. Moreover uTorrent Server eats alot of resources (around 100MB of RAM for just a dozen of torrents and many times the CPU usage spikes around 100% for some minutes); I guess mem leaks and performance issues are going to be fixed during the private testing but the users' feedback is useless if they use an ancient version of the software. Wouldn't it be better if you guys release another beta?