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  1. As a tracker owner myself i have given full support to the latest 1.7.1 version even though i did block the use of 1.7.0 due to the problems reported. As far as i can tell from the IP list given and DNS reports this is all well and good but no further information has been given as to the source of the .torrent file used and from which site. If the torrent was from a less then secure tracker site like TPB or a public torrent posted on such sites as T/Spy MiniN ect ect then what does he expect !!!!! Even as a private tracker site we still have times when a member of a anti P2P group get membership and we get take down notices for torrents on site for which they own copywrite for. Am sure at these times if anyone was to do a peer check at these times there would be rouge IP's listed and reporting that every cleint used was sending data to them !!!! ----LOL fact of torrent life.....if you cant take the heat dont get into the fire ..... This story seems to be getting out of hand and being past from one person to the next with little if any of these people understanding the workings of torrents and is more like a game of chinese whispers and stories getting more distorted with every posting !!!!! My own tracker stats show utorrent as the top most used cleint out there and we only ban one cleint and thats bitcomet/lord due to reporting problems of part downloads. Utorrent 7201 peers next best peer total Azureus 2260 peers Utorrent will stay welcome on my own private tracker -untill proved it should not be 100% and not just some scare stories being past on by mis-informed and un-educated torrent users... I'm sure uTorrent with there massive market share of users using Utorrent are not going to be doing anything silly like reporting users IP's to a unknown person/'s... If sony could not get away with there route kits and such like i'm sure utorrent would not be so daft and i have tested myself on utorrent 1.7 and 1.7.1 and no such IP's are being reported on torrents from my private site or any clean self made torrents i make from any sources i have the use of...
  2. dididave

    WebUI v0.315

    From my own use what Utorrents GUI needs is a working Make torrent feature !!! With out this it's a real pain for some of the users i know who use this on very fast servers a real pain having to RDP to there servers just to make a torrent of the files they just ftp'ed accross !!! Is there any news or is it ever going to be a feature added to the GUI ?