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  1. thank you both for answers, i got some more questions/issues. I didn't say that you are... yet i somehow felt like it. you should understand that this only proves that your router/port is NOT forwarded properly , and that it needs uPnP to help with that. *Both* udp & tcp should be forwarded. That said - uPnP is good enough and manual setup is good practice but should not change your speed.... Want to try some longshot - limit your download, and see if your upload improves... and.. there is alway the possibility that the router has issues in upload. Try w/o it... What are the ports that utorrent use? beside the one i set up in config? is there any other? i am NO staranger with forwarding ports, i even wrote a small guide for users of the local DC hub on how to forward ports. for utorrent i use port 6666 and i double checked, it is open. i also have dmz for my pc, but made a special entry for this port on BOTH protocols. if it would be of any help i have Linksys WRT54GCv3 fw: 1.00.14 and have never had any problems with it. i will try w/o router asap but currently it is impossible cos i cant connect two male connectors but i will buy small thingy to solve it. setting down limit doesnt change a thing, its just that the smaller the download the bigger the upload so it seems... i did limit to 600 but did't see any drastic improvement, maybe a little but cant say if its just a coincidence. i set up scheduler as advised, but during the slow period i think i wont change the number of connections used at once since it seems there is no problem with slower speeds. i played a little with all the parameterets starting with what you suggest. i fail to see any differece in transfer behaviour whatsoever. maybe some test on know swarm would be informative? here are some charts: it seems there is no sudden up/down which is good. here, the first "flat" part show 1 torrent leeching and ~25 seeding. the first big platou show what happend whed i started leeching the best available linux. platou ends when removed this torrent. the next smaller rise is when my only leeching torrent got some seeds for a moment. i cant shake of the feeling that whenever my download rises my upload drops. also i have no clue why cant i upload like ~700 and am stuck on the level of 550 (+/- 25) if i can download utilizing nearly 100% of 6 mbit. i would really appreciate a pointer towards some good test material on my upload. and the biggest mistery for me, thats what happens when i stop my leeching torrent that is also seeding. i expected an constant increase of up speed up to borderline level... i will. disabled NAT-PMP. The most annoying thing now is that whatever i do it has no apparent effect on bandwidth behaviour. changing max up speed, down speed, conn per torrent, slots, both rate limits (overhead, uTP) and so on. one thing that has any apparent influence and, oh the irony, should NOT have is UPnP. maybe some advanced settings? i am f*cking clueless...how much trouble must one encounter to seed at decent speed for crying out loud?! no wonder ppl mainly leech oh one more thing how rapid should the transfer response be? i anticipated seconds/minutes. EDIT: also i cant test connection via utorrent built in tool that connects to different servers, tried all of em. everytime i have some error. port is forwarded properly.
  2. maybe cause you partially implemented it... It suggest that you set an upload limit and a certain way, and disable tcp_rate_control in advanced. I suggest you try to follow the rest of it... yeah i did that, im not that dumb. just either with upload limit or the 'experimental' config you mention my transfer jumps. tcp_rate_control is set to false... i tried all from section B and C. in most cases nothing changed and in some cases transfer dropped bigtime. i am behind a router with ports forwarded and on public IP. For example if i uncheck UPnP port mapping as you suggest my upload begins to fall rather fast. My biggest problem is that upload cant reach the value of download and that the overall tendency is to fluctuate.
  3. hi there, i am new here and decided to register cos rafi's guide seemed to partially work in my case. i wrote partially cos i cant get rid of freaking fluctuating transfer, so i thought that maybe someone will have any idea what should i do to make the line rather flat. but i managed to reduce the jumps from like 200 -> 600 to smaller value (graph). i have 6 mbit symmetric line at night and 3 mbit during the day but what i am mostly interested in is using 6mbit as much as possible, i just like seeding things (mostly anime if anyone was curious) so here is my graph showing usage of different settings: i always thought that i could utilize like 90% of my connection capacity to seed but this damn world proved me wrong, anyway here are some of my settings: any suggestion to get 2 nice flat lines like f(x) = x + 650 ?