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  1. Hmm, µTorrent eh... There I was, on mininova and saw this strange named client it was reccomending. I thought "Hey, I've never heard of that.. Im using G3, but lets have a look." and clicked download. Instantly the download was over, and I thought "Hmmm, thats not right. That was too quick. But Im sure mininova would not reccomend rubbish. Well, Im wary, so lets hit Open." and suddenly I was looking at a fully functional, fully configuable, fast, small, brilliant little Torrent client. I bunged my .torrent into it and instantly my download is at peek rates. Being on aDsl, I had to set my upload to just under it's limit, and to my suprise IT OBEYED !! It didnt ruin my download rates, and didnt ignore my upload limit as almost EVERY bloated peice of junk out there does. To sum it up... *dances around his monitor* Very Happy with this find, Well done you guys !!! Badwolf.
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