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  1. I have Notify Me Before Installing Updates On, and when it does, I just go manually download the µTorrent.exe and then cut and paste it in my Program Files/µTorrent Folder (XP), and cut and paste it in my Program Files(x86) µTorrent Folder (W7 Ultimate). I then run the program and have had NO problems, AND it runs from where I want it to run that way. Thanks for a great Proggie!!!! µTorrent A+++ IMHO isepiq :cool:
  2. Thank you. I put some Google links for this, but you made a much simpler job of it. I hope you post is followed and appreciated! IMHO isepiq :cool:
  3. I fully agree! When was the last time you backed up your files, hard formattted your hard drive, and did a CLEAN install of your OS? Every single computer I take care of is showing the tray icon. The tray icon not showing for this program is just a sign that something is wrong with your system. A tip of the iceberg I suspect. Also, have you tried deleting your icon file and restoring it? IMHO isepq :cool:
  4. And there you are. Problem solved. I love camping and backpacking. We sound like kindred spirits. YES, YES, YES! I agree with you 100%. Thank God for Freedom of Speech. IMHO isepiq :cool: Tray Icons: I build, repair, and clean computers of virii all the time. Everyone's computer that I have worked on, or maintain, whether Windows 7 x86, x64, XP SP3 x86 or x64, are ALL showing the µTorrent Tray Icon.
  5. I'm sure people wouldn't mind if the company wasn't making a few million annually on utorrent alone and that's not including the Bittorent revenue. The devs are far from starving or becoming homeless. There is a fine line when the almighty $$$ becomes priority and interferes with productivity! When does greed come into tell me! I was just making an exaggerated statement about the way come 'belly achers' feel. You still can use the program absolutely free and you can refuse the offers and remove the ads in the UI. It only takes a few seconds to do that. FREE. What don't you get about that? Also, we live in the United States where you are FREE to make as much money as you want if you have the talent or product. That is why I live here. That is what makes America Great. That is why people risk their lives to come here. If they make millions or billions, more power to them. Don't be a cry baby if you have a problem doing the same. Tray Icon: I had the program running in the Program Files on 2 XP SP3 x32 'puters and the Tray Icon showed up just fine. After moving the proggy to the Appdata folder, they still show up just fine. Methinks something is rotten in some peoples OS's. IMHO isepiq
  6. I am using µTorrent Stable (3.3.1 build 29812) on 2 Windoze7 x64 and 2 Windoze XPsp3 x32 computers. I have NONE of the problems listed in this forum thread??? I guess I should complain cause I feel left out.... By the way, the 2 XP systems both show the Icon in the Systray just fine. Also, I wish peeps would quit complaining when the developers try to make some money from this. Even at that, they STILL make it optional. I don't care if I have to click on a dozen optional ads on installing. You can still use it for 100% FREE. What? You want the developers to STARVE and lose µTorrent completely??? Sheesh. Give them a beak why don't ya??? Just my 2 cents worth. I am sick and tired of all the belly achin' over a GREAT program that is, again, FREE, if that is what you want!!! IMHO isepiq :cool:
  7. I have an odd installation problem. On 3 of our computers, 7x64 Ultimate, and 2 XP SP3 systems, if I download and install a newer version of µTorrent, it finds the already installed version (Program Files) and updates that. However, on another 7x64 Ultimate system, identical to the other, it does not find the already installed version, but installs a new one under the logged on user name. Is there something I need to put on this one computer to make it see the already installed one when updating manually??? I have the 3 others set up all the same identical way. Thanks to NE1 that might have an idea about this. (Yes, I I know that I can just copy the new exe file over, but that is kinda a pain....ugh). :cool:
  8. µTorrent Stable (3.3 build 29625) Connecting To Peers in Red. Seeding all slowly turning to Red. Exit, watch Task Manager to make sure µTorrent has completely quite. Restart µTorrent and everything works fine for about 24 to 48 hours (it varies some). Windoze XP SP3 Intel System. It appears to work better on Windoze Se7en. IMHO isepiq
  9. µTorrent Stable (3.3 build 29342) was giving me 'Connecting to Peers' today with no downloads starting. It had lots of seeds listed, and lots of peers listed, and the trackers showed working with lots of seeds available. (Uploads were still going tine). I went back to µTorrent Stable (3.3 build 29126) and the very same torrents started working just fine, like normal??? IMHO isepiq:cool:
  10. And Now For Something Completely Different: µTorrent Stable (3.3 build 29126) is working great for me. NONE of the problems others have posted here. Windows 7 X64 Pro SP1. AMD Black CPU, 8GB of memory, 1GB ATI Video Card. Some of these other posts literally shout 'you have something messed up on your OS'!!! THANK YOU for a WONDERFUL Torrent Proggie. IMHO isepiq :cool:
  11. Since I am not sharing any Torrents over my Local Area Network, my own computers, looks like this can indeed be turned off. Probably a 'Smart' feature of the latest µTorrent? Thanx for the nfo.
  12. I noticed after installing µTorrent Stable (3.3 build 29126) that 'Local Peer Discovery' was UNchecked, or 'turned off'. Is there an important reason for that? Is there something I need to know there? Thanks. IMHO isepiq:cool:
  13. µTorrent Stable (3.3 build 29038) Ok, I tried installing it again & this time it worked. Installed over the top of 3.2 & kept all my settings, torrents & proxy. Went to my 2nd computer to install it there exprecting to have to install, uninstall, install 3.2 againg, then 3.3, but the very first install of 3.3 worked just like usual, no problems or lost settings etc. Have no idea what happened the first time??? By the way, µTorrent Stable (3.3 build 29038) uses hardly any memory or CPU time on my 32bit XP or 64bit Windoze Se7ven. My experience in the past has been that when you do something to screw up your Windoze OS, that can cause the CPU &/or memory hog problem. Only way I have found to fix that in the past is to do a Clean Install of the OS, ugh. IMHO isepiq:cool:
  14. Please parden my ineptitude, but I still cannot figure out how to install 3.3 & keep all my Settings, Proxy, & Torrents????????? I looked at the above links, but am at a loss as to what to do with them????? I also want to keep µTorrent set for ALL USERS on this computer so that they all use the same folders, torrents, & settings, so that I only have to set it up ONE TIME. Thank you for any further help. I need 'Install 3.3 for Dummies (me)'. IMHO isepiq
  15. Well, I tried to follow this but dumb me, I am stil lost???? There has got to be an easier way?????? Thank you for your help, but you are over my head. I need the one for 'dummies' like me. Thank You again...........:cool: