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  1. They do not like, that the release notes point to nowhere.
  2. I meant a official thread for the new release. It is needed, since a few private trackers only whitelist new stable releases and they need a confirmation post.
  3. Could you guys please make a post for µTorrent Stable (3.2.1 build 28086) or update this one.
  4. Ok, then I will have to revert back to 3.0, because I need that option.
  5. Ever since I updated 3.0 to 3.1 the "Shutdown when Downloads Complete" option does not work any more. The timer starts normally and counts down, but stops at 1 and does nothing. In 3.0 it still worked.
  6. Here is a crash dump of 18429:
  7. Same thing here. Nearly every tracker I tried reported something "red". With 1.8.3 everything works.