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  1. try latest build - and steel present speed drop down when using HDD in another task - down to latest 3.0.1 and no problem with speed
  2. i'll had overload only when checked "disable windows caching of disk writes" in 3.0.1 for me working well with or w/o this option
  3. for me: confirm memory leak - unchecked "disable win cach of disk reads" try lastest x64 build no this mem leak with or w/o win cach disk read latest x86 build have some issue when i'll copy huge files UL speed drop down from 10MB/s to 100KB/s not happen in x64 build and "disable win cach of disk writes" when unchecked no disk overhead, when checked and DL some files after sometime disk overhead, not happen in x64 build can't try with earlier builds can't DL this one UPD!!! try 3.0.1 - present mem leak, but no UL speed drop down when hdd using in another task and my fault: mem leak present in latest x64 also
  4. same in log? seeding ~200 torrents, and for all torrents banning IP in log
  5. same type of UL max speed 500KB/s after running 2.2.1 (speed takes in 4-10MB/s) UL always bigger than in 3.0 x64 - test running ~8h
  6. steel no luck to run sys wxp x64 upd: when i'll del resume files prog running ok
  7. @pestbest for me too not working "show a window that displays the files inside the torrent"
  8. i'll discovered if stop all torrents wait a 1-2 min then torrent creation working well, if i'll start again all torrents - bug appears
  9. crash when create torrent 16394 and 16407 system winxp x64 sp2 link