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  1. emc

    3.5.x Beta

    The checkbox "Send detailed info when checking for updates (always anonymous)" should be deleted from General. The new possition of it is in the Privacy.
  2. emc

    µTorrent 3.4 RC

    ANOTHER SIGH 1) Tollbar , Add torrent is equivalent to CTRL+O, I think it is better CTRL+D as it was in older versions 2) Port test still not working for me , http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=139658 3) GUI improvement for translation , http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=703944#p703944 4) Primary Label bug is not still fixed , http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=712098#p712098
  3. emc

    µTorrent 3.4 RC

    BUG REPORT - SEARCH ENGINES 1) Search form incorrectly displays transparent color of icon. Instead of transparent it is solid. In rolldown list icons are displayed correctly. 2) Wrong engine is selected when separate line is used. If separate lin is between engines 3 and 4, when you click to engine 4, it is selected engine 5.
  4. uTorrent GUI texts I noticed in uTS small bug in two same strings: Change "u" to "µ" and add a space between words µTorrent and Failed.Correction proposed by another string... And maybe "Failed" can be with small "f".
  5. µTorrent all version (tested,, isn't able to check new version resp. new build. I must upgrade manually by download link from forum. At this moment to 3.3.1 29988.
  6. If you wish to minimize to taskbar, not to tray, then uncheck "Minimize button minimizes uT to tray". If you don't do it, then icon will be always shown in tray. The option "Always show tray icon" is ignored by this way. (Windows 7)
  7. µTorrent 3.3.1 RC2 build 29719 GUI IMPROVEMENTS 1. Please add Close button to the window Create new torrent 2. Please make text field Related - Similar Torrents more wider for translation
  8. rafi, I don't know what is important. I am user of But you convinced me to try this new version. I decided use it today first time for downloading two torrents. Nothing more. At the first row I am a translator uTorrent to Czech language (as you may know it). And because it is my job, I'm doing this job.
  9. Translations problem Preferences - Label Please make Label: text field more wide.
  10. BUG REPORT - TRANSLATION Some mishmash in double %% and \\. See "List of strings" in CODE tag below. Original strings was generated into utorrent.exe.log by uTorrent running with an empty utorrent.exe.lang.txt ******* List of unknown strings in the language file: ******* ffmpeg Process aborted with error %d. Unknown error\nMore information may be found in the transcript log at %%appdata%%%Smedia ******* List of strings not found in the language file: ******* ffmpeg Process aborted with error %d. Unknown error\nMore information may be found in the transcript log at %%appdata%%\%S\media ******* List of strings which are accepted with no error log: ******* ffmpeg Process aborted with error %d. Unknown error\nMore information may be found in the transcript log at %%appdata%%\\%S\\media
  11. I know, how to write µ [micro]/[m:ju]. But what I described is µTorrent Translation System, where are these minnor bugs. Utorrent vs. uTorrent = wrong 1st letter big, 2nd small = right 1st small, 2nd big Do you uderstand me, what I would to tell?
  12. Some minor bugs in strings... downloaded uTorrent BitTorrent These strings cannot be translated - not included in uTS...
  13. Where did you download new versions? I can download only 25460. I have "utorrent.cz" but have no info. Czech download server "http://www.stahuj.centrum.cz/" has 25516 for now, 25505 last week. Server "computerbase.de" has 25538. My question: Is there some IP lock to download new stable/beta of uT? Or where/how can I download it from uT/BT servers? What is officially latest stable build? Title of IRC channel is also about 25460... Thx.
  14. Good catch. I changed it to: CONTROL "", 1037, BUTTON, ... , 152, 47, 107, 8 Please be so kind and use a width of field = 126. Wider fields (of course if possible) are more better for us translators. Thanks.
  15. rafi, because I think that sharing by magnet uri at private torrents does not work.