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  1. I am aware of that, but even though officially he is not a dev, due to all his work around here, and his big impact on the design, I think of him as one. (one coder, two devs )
  2. yeah, I already reported that in the bug reports section. the devs are aware of that and working to fix it
  3. Thanks for the easy torrent rename option. just noticed it.
  4. thanks. quite a big jump from 439 to 453, is there a change log?
  5. Hi, as it turns out, I will not be able to test the new webui. please remove me from the list and allow someone else to take my place.
  6. 1c3d0g , bellicose: Thanks.
  7. on one of my torrents, one of the users is using µtorrent/151B - is that the new web UI or is there a new beta?
  8. I'd like to sign up for this as well. I work from different locations and this might be useful. I normally run FF, IE, XP SP2.
  9. I just wanted to thank you for this new and exciting feature. Thank you very much!
  10. yeah, I figured it's a test file. Several days ago someone even said in the forums that it is the same as 437. I was just replying to 1c3d0g.
  11. here http://utorrent.com/download/tmp/beta/utorrent-1.5-beta-build-438.exe
  12. Metatron: I am not a side in this argument, but I would appreciate it if you could edit your response and refrain from using bad language and name calling. It does not reflect well on you or Julius, and it's not pleasant to read. thanks.
  13. Thanks, 1c3d0g . Our mutual experiments with the linux torrent where you observed that you have free upload that is not used by my client, helped me to convince them that my connection was in fact throttled. thanks.
  14. A while ago I reported Barak (Israel) as throttling my connection. After several talks I had with them in which they denied ever throttling bittorrent traffic, while I showed them that my connection is throttled all the same, they claimed that there must be something wrong and not intentional and that they will look into it and get back to me. Yesterday they left me a message that my bittorrent problem was fixed, and indeed now I can max out my connection with the OOo torrent It might be time to remove them from this list, although there is always the possibility that they keep throttling other users.
  15. regular AdBlock and filterset.g.updater , but it's not blocking it anymore.
  16. Adblock blocked it for me as well...
  17. _GuaRdiaN_: please read the relevant thread concerning your first post, and please try to use proper language without cursing and calling names. No one appreciated this kind of language over here ! It would be nice if you edited and cleaned up you post.
  18. if they accept incoming connections, it is only in your favor. it doesn't mean that you only upload to them. It just means that you initiated the connection. there will be both uploading and downloading, only encrypted.
  19. yes, boo, you were right... but my PG2 is set to "HTTP is allowed" so I guess this doesn't affect me.
  20. I couldn't find this block on my p2p list : http://peerguardian.sourceforge.net/lists/p2p.php are you guys using a different list?
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