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  1. I can confirm this. "check for updates" doesn't work like it used to. Nothing happens when it's selected. In the past there was a notification stating that there is no available update. There is not notification for the download translation option as well.
  2. do you mean the new toolbar button that is already on the official Beta??
  3. you are keeping the suspense going... any hints?
  4. great GUI suggestions. The client will look more professional with these standard menus. Edit: rafi, I think that in your second link, you meant to link to a different place.
  5. changes between 431 and 430: smaller tab icons in 431 431 is 1kB less in size then 430.
  6. Mugros made some good suggestions for the tab icons, IMO.
  7. yeah, I removed my skin for the first time today as well I wanted to see the changes to the new GUI, and there it was - a new toolbar button. It's great that there is an option to remove the tab icons, since they don't fit with the rest of the theme, and also seem a bit blurry. (or is it just me?) I would suggest to change the icon for "completed" in the category list, since this category consists of both "seeding" and "finished" torrents, but it has the same icon as the "finished" torrents. It might be more intuitive if it had an icon of its own. I really like b430. great release.
  8. I like the new preferences toolbar button.
  9. @Ultima: lol, we all replied at the same time probably, but I was the slowest typer of the four...
  10. It's been said before that the hash fails problem is an Azureus problem, and is not related to µtorrent, so there isn't any point in everyone quoting how many hash fails he has. If there are Azureus peers on your swarm, which are causing hash fails - then you will get hash fails, no matter what tracker / beta version / or even client you are using.
  11. you still got to hand it to the Az team - the released a good stable release in practically no time.
  12. I checked all my torrents and all of them passed the hashcheck. on a torrent I'm downloading I only have 1 hash fail after 600MB downloaded (2MB piece size). I'm using the latest public beta, didn't try the latest beta yet.
  13. Firon, could you please elaborate on this? I didn't get it. :|
  14. +1 to Rafi's suggestion. It will be very convenient and will not clutter the main window.
  15. using any of the methods quoted in your post.
  16. in preferences-->network you may check "randomize port each time µtorrent starts" and your client will use a random port each time you restart µtorrent.
  17. This discussion is just a debate over semantics. It may or may not be an important debate, but it certainly has nothing to do with "bad design"
  18. Actually this is not entirely accurate. The finished status is identified in the "status" column only when you stop a torrent that is seeding. I have torrents with ratios of 50,100,200 that are still showing as "seeding" because they are still running. (and I think that this is the way is should be)
  19. Azureus already went stable with 2400. It supports PE/PHE.
  20. when opening the "speed guide" from the Options menu, the title bar says "network wizard". Changing one of the names to match the other might be a good idea. (as was done with the preferences/settings)
  21. "NEW: We are offering our service completely FREE during our beta test period"
  22. next stable release is going to have lots of new features.
  23. Thanks Ultima. Didn't see that. This is awesome!
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