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  1. Nice work on 424! it seems like all the little things that have been asked in the forums found their way into that release. Thanks. - Feature: Category list to filter main torrent list. what's this? is this the new persistent labels UI? - Change: Show up/down arrows in listview headers I'm unsure if that's intentional or not, but the arrows show in the primary sort, and do not show in the secondary sort column. - Change: Rearranged some stuff in the settings dialog Looks much better now. thanks.
  2. I like your first design better. This one seems a little too pale, but both are nice.
  3. Great job boo! I like your version the best so far.
  4. I was wondering what bt.convert_to_fast_pct in the advanced options is. does anyone have an idea?
  5. I'll try changing to port 21 now, and see what happens... Edit: no, it's not going well with port 21 as well. I think we need some expert advice here... Firon / Ludde / DWKnight / anyone? Edit2: I went back to Enabled, allow. Now I am at least able to seed, but still the d/l is at a grinding halt.
  6. yeah, those three proved that they can solve any mystery... Edit: thanks for the head up. just upgraded to b421. Edit2: now that I am set to Forced, my upload is also free, and still I'm connected to two Az 2307 on a torrent I'm seeding, the E flag is on, but I'm uploading to them at a total speed that is under 1kB/s
  7. well, I tried to set my client to Forced, and unchecked incoming legacy, and I'm still getting only around 1.5kB/s from you. Is your BW still free now? because if it is, then either my ISP overcomes µtorrent's encryption, or the client is not aggressive enough. I think that Firon and Ludde should know about this. 1c3d0g, could you let them in on our little "experiment" here? Edit: I don't know what I'm talking about here really, but is it possible that I am set to Force, don't allow incoming legacy, and that my ISP detects DHT/Pex traffic and thus manages to throttle BT traffic?
  8. I'm guessing here, but maybe my ISP detects BT traffic on my port, since I'm set to Enabled and not to Enabled always. It might be that my ISP is shaping all traffic on that port. But I'm just guessing here.... Maybe you or Firon can confirm.
  9. so am I... But I'm on the other torrent where you are seeding as well. the problem is that my average d/l speed is 1.4kB/s and I'm hardly downloading anything from you, even though the E flag is on.
  10. I'm connected to 7 out of 7 seeds, and none of them is you... could you please post exactly what torrent you are seeding? thanks.. Edit: I've deleted my copy of the pocket linux http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=5525&p=1 and d/l the torrent again. let's see how it goes there. (on this torrent, unlike the OOo one, I DO see you)
  11. no, I haven't seen you there. are you sure you're on this specific torrent? 2.01 linux (x86) English Hash: DEF778DE6D42E7C9022E4CBE068FF32DAB95913D
  12. I'll try it out now. (the latest one, right?) 2.01 linux (x86) English? Edit: I'm on it now. ETA: 8h 43m don't see you there though. Edit2: now it's come to a complete stop. I'm connected to 5 out of 6 seeds, so maybe you are the sixth.
  13. sadly, I have to update that it seems that my ISP (Barak, Israel) throttles bittorent downloads as well as uploads now. I'm not even getting close to maxing my connection on the OOo torrent.
  14. I tried this torrent again, and on the OOo I can't get speeds over 30kB/s . I think that my ISP started to throttle downloads as well now. There aren't any µtorrent/141B on that torrent,so I can't use Encryption and I can't be absolutely sure if it's my ISP or something in my settings, but I'd guess it's the former rather then the latter.
  15. I wanted to suggest adding the OOo torrent to the end of the excellent mini guide as a means to verify the improvement in d/l speeds.
  16. I've never used the "mini guide" before, and thought I'd give it a try. I'll stick with these settings for a test period to see how it works out. Thanks.
  17. Thank you for this great guide. I was wondering why the internal speed guide in µtorrent doesn't suggest the same settings as in this guide?
  18. Or maybe just read it more carefully?
  19. Firon: could you please explain why should it be any slower if I don't max out my connection? I thought that if I don't max out my connection, then my connection can handle the extra overhead and still maintain the same download speed. :/
  20. boo: IMO as long as you don't max out your connection, then your connection should be able to transfer the excess data due to encryption. So as long as you don't max out your connection, the time it takes to complete a torrent should be the same with or without encryption.
  21. 418 solved the "only remote connections" for me.
  22. I think that the time that it takes to create an encrypted connection might be too big. I am set to "enabled" and all my connections are remote ones. It's like my client can't create a local connection.
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