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  1. Not new to uTorrent but I am new to here - I have found that with v 2.2 it hogs CPU resources when more than 3 or 4 torrents are being DL'd or UL'd (doesn't matter which)... using the exact same settings with 2.0.4 all is fine and no noticeable effects... but with 2.2 (and no other changes to the PC) it attempts to use 100% of CPU with the obvious effect everything grinds to a halt. Like I say - settings not changed from 2.0.4... so whilst I have seen similar items on here with resolutions on the problems... for me 2.0.4 works and 2.2 not... assumption... something changed that results in the issue, as such I am sticking with 2.0.4 for now (especially given the other reports by people on this forum regarding slower DL & UL speeds with 2.2) and I will check new versions as they come along!