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  1. Speed graph is gone after the night. Please add 30-minute step.
  2. In this and propably previous build two checkboxes are right-shifted:
  3. In the main view it is seen that the program downloaded more than the total size of the torrent. Info at the bottom seems correct. After completion of the torrent it still shows that it downloaded more than the total size. Same problem in 2 more completed torrents. That might be somehow connected to the info about no free space on disk that I discovered. Then I moved all these 3 problematic torrents to another partition by using "Set Download Location...".
  4. Wrong counting. 3 torrents are seeding, but utorrent is showing (2) on the left menu. No torrents are downloading, but utorrent is showing (1). These numbers not refreshed after the last task shifted state from downloading to seeding.
  5. I'm just curious about local IP discovery. Ultima said it only considers local subnet (probably). But I have large LAN (I think) with 1 Gbit/s connection to some subnets. The IP addresses which I download from with 100 Mbit/s max speed are like:,,,, and (and similar, that has an external IP) which is in fact local. These all IPs are from local DC hub. I also have connection to IPs addresses from other subnets like:,, by looking at their transfers I see they're still local. Is that mechanism so intelligent to detect these? I never saw a transfer from local IP in uTorrent.
  6. there's lot of confusion with "limit local peers" so maybe isolate this as a saparate checkbox option or sth?
  7. maybe would be good to denote somehow that there's a LAN upload traffic that isn't affected by the upload limit, on graph or somehow, also maybe indicate in the 'Peers' tab that such IP is local