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  1. The utorrent.com index page has been updated with a statement/summary regarding this matter, written by splintax.
  2. Hey, could you possibly provide me/ludde with some direct contact info? (Email that you constantly check, IM, IRC..)
  3. Well, congrats BSH. The winnar. Thanks to all who participated. BSH, please supply a largish transparent PNG of the creation above. You shall be credited
  4. I argee, the logo's really nice - not sure about the text. I do think we have a winner, though
  5. Thanks everyone, for both nice/bad comments and good suggestions 1. Will do. 2. There's a reason I put so much white space there- to act as a seperator of sorts. The layout is already quite messy and crowded, much white space is needed. Yeah, Keloran has suggested this- different style sheets, instant switching. I will definitely make a "high contrast" version. 00: I see how <img> would serve better than <h1> in this case- but the benefits of using <h1> outweighs <img> imo. <h1> will provide nice, large, bold text to older browsers incapable of CSS2, of which the user is probably on dialup. <h1> is also the "starting point" of the whole document- the title, which it is. People browsing without images- probably on dialup. They're missing out on so much on other sites anyway- a small header image wouldn't be missed. They should expect this to happen when they turned off images I'm not so good at language, those were typed out by Firon and Smoovious I think. I will change it to what you suggest though- can you write something for "Actively Developed and Improved"? As for valid xhtml- it definitely will be 100% valid. I can't say how embarrassed I am for forgetting to correct those errors before making the url public **
  6. Correct. I should probably post up the latest layout attempt. It should hopefully explain some things. http://ignorantcow.net/utorrent2/ Please note that it is not graphically intense (contrary to the layout BSH posted up), hence less appealing to some. The choice of colors are not "flashy and bright", for I think uT suits a more corporate color scheme, soft, pastel colors. I tried to use as _less_ images as possible. This reflects uT's nature: lightweight, small, fast loading. The HTML is completely semantic, and layout is controlled *entirely* by CSS. I feel any of shrill's work would fit right in. Although, ludde seems to prefer BSH's bees, bright colors- and layout, which I will code if it gets chosen. I disargee with "cute and friendly"- I like professional and serious looking. Some useless facts. This is the third coded layout I've done for uT. html/css coding is a very tedious task. There are a TON of cross browser inconsistencies, especially when completely using CSS to style, and avoiding use of tables. I've spent the last two days trying to go around bugs, especially a very annoying one in Gecko/Firefox. (It doesn't round off relative units consistently- producing misaligned "table cells"- in which I've "emulated" a table entirely using three lists, and two containing divs.) Try enlarging text size using IE or Firefox- the layout doesn't break, and expands accordingly. A notable accomplishment, if I do say so myself /end rant
  7. Yes Shrill, why did you stop submitting Tribal guy variations? I think a refined/higher res version of the original Tribal dude would do the trick. Your stuff has that glass, bright colors feeling to it, a bit different from Shrill's style/shades. I do think Shrill's style of work is more suited towards uT, imho.
  8. I completely argee with ScubaSteve- They're too.. kiddie-like. But still, great skills man!
  9. They did. We nearly lost our channel on freenode. Really' date=' did they really get angry over BSH's logo sample Btw, how did you almost lose the channel, does the azereus have mystical powers [/quote'] Not over BSH's logo sample, but over trolling in #azureus(sp?). Some azu fanboy got angry- "reported" #utorrent for warez talk and being "not free". uTorrent isn't really "FOSS"- Free AND //open source// software, so we're not really "welcome" on the freenode network.
  10. They did. We nearly lost our channel on freenode. Please check your email.
  11. Feather = Photoshop. http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/main.html I don't think ludde even looks at the thread unless asked, it was me who asked him to take a look at Shirll's and BSH's entries. Part of my job
  12. That is for ludde to decide ;P No choice really- ludde needs his income ;p The forum will recieve a basic wrapper.
  13. It's taking longer than I thought ;p Shrill's preview pic already gives a good basis voor a website top/menu structure I have the structure done- finally, I hope (after some modifications as requested by ludde), I am currently working on the content.
  14. It's taking longer than I thought ;p