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  1. DreadWingKnight: depends on your bt.transp_disposition settings. i know that, but i thought that, on default settings, utp connections between 2.x and 1.x users are via old header, and between 2.x via new header. but it seems that is not the case. transition to a new header, ones when 2.0 is out and stable; how is going to happen?
  2. does utp connection between 2.x users goes via new utp header or the old one?
  3. firon: For those with download speed issues with bt.tcp_rate_control enabled, please try this special build. http://download.utorrent.com/beta/utorrent-utptest.exe after hour of testing with slackware-12.2, seems to me that is fixed. bt.tcp rate is enabled, speeds are stable with or without download limit.
  4. latest 2.1 build performs, with bt.tcp rate control to false, much more better then 2.0 rc2. i am testing for 1 day and it is constantly at full speed, and i am behind firewall. later i am gonna try with bt.tcp rate control set to true. edit: and with download limit set.
  5. you can work around it, by setting download limit twice so much as your ISP is giving you, setting your upload limit one to five kB less then you have, and set bt.tcp_rate_control to false. works for me. i have full upload and download. i have 448/128 kb, download limit set 100kB and upload limit 14kB. i am downloading at 48-52kB and upload is constantly 14kB, i do not know would it work for your connection but you should play with the settings an see what is best for you.
  6. dimmortal: whats the yellow in the blocks??(pieces tab) searched but could not find or green also?
  7. DeathStalker why don`t you try to set global download limit it helped me. on my 512 kbs without limitation, speeds are around 30 kB. with limit set to 56 kB, speed are around 50-52 kB. or try set to tru bt.ratelimit_tcp_only.
  8. new build 16394 when is bt.transp_disposition set to 255 has not utp connections; and statistics screen shows utp connections, or tryouts.
  9. tanks a lot for new build, much better then last one. everything in advanced settings is set to default and i have my max speed. just one thing. i have my max speed only if i limit download. for exp. on my 512kb i set download limit to 64KB/s. speeds are around 61-62 kB/s. without download limit speeds are around 50kB/s
  10. more info: v.2.0 works much better with switeck`s conservative settings, this was not case with v1.8.4. or 1.8.3 on my wireless, even with poorly seeded torrents. with tcp rate control in advanced settings set to false, somehow i have 5-6 KB better downloads (i have 512/256 kB limitless connection). everything else is default. question: bug that shows wrong number of peers is going to be corrected or...? for example if i have via http or udp tracker 2 peers and 1 via DHT, all together shows 12 peers.
  11. i have same windows 7 RTM build 7600, and i do not have same problem with 2.0. perhaps is something else. more info: on my wireless, 2.0 has better speeds then 1.9 when bt.tcp_rate_control is set to false. on my side 2.0 is like 1.8.3.
  12. Richard Choi: Is this problem specific to Windows 7 64? same problem with windows 7 x86.
  13. same thing overhere. i had to uninstall the old build, then install a new one, then again new build ofered me to download newest build from internet. i have windows 7
  14. glad to help... its still cca 20% slower dawnload with 1.9 14981 then with 1.8.3 14984. but there are not so many 1.9 useres.
  15. last night with new 14981 i set net.calc_overhead to false; uploads are good.