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  2. Forbidden for me to see this page. It comes: same as by most torrent sites such as torrentspy all blocked include all proxy sites from the net (cgi, php proxys).
  3. There is by all ISP Thai Internet Traffic Exchange (THIX) Gov. at the end. Can't bypass. In the southern provinces are not many ISP's. Region of Bangkok have more ISP's. Maybe only with foreigner Internet Sattelite (Singapore??) Online it will be possible to use internet normal. Sometimes is blocked sometimes this and that domains with a green government logo ACCESS Forbidden. If try using a proxy it just change to another local IP number from ISP +/- 1 (I don't have a router just a DSL Modem). Yes they offer now for 2 mb/s lines, the same I have, 24.000 THB Thai Baht/Months and more (about 33 - 37 Baht = 1 US Dollar) will be about 400 - 500 Euro (see TOT price info of 2048 kb/s lines with 1048 kb/s upload). My 2 mb line package unlimit traffic/time is since November 2006 limited to peek 1.4 MB/s. Avarage never more as 300 - 460 kb/s. Listen radio from Oversee is up to impossible. Using Torrent by downloading a CD image takes 4 days almost more than a week by 24h online time. (on weekends it's exteme slow below 128 kb). If someone can help or know if it is possible to use/have available any foreigner internet sattelite online access I will be very happy. Thank you all.
  4. Thanks for the info. I did this allready many times. Linux, openoffice torrents etc... changing computers, test by friends with other ISP's differnet client soft. below 60 kb/s download speed max. peek for a second or two, almost only 6 - 24 kb/s around no more. It's happen since November 2006. Before (November '06) BitTorrent was run with more than 100 kb/s avarage. I did read about Malaysia TM-Net throttled. That shows in Thailand p2p is up to unusable if a download is more than 50 MB of size or it takes many days long. I did believe changing ISP helps at first but they are all the same (CAT, TOT, Asia Net,...). Calling them service hotlines don't give any information. If I check my IP by the info shows: HTTP Forwarded For: my, same ip number again (my ip is a forwarder for the same ip). Proxy Host/Type: 1.1 C3300-5 (NetCache NetApp/6.0.4), 1.1 C3300-5 (NetCache NetApp/6.0.4) means 2 times NetCache between. Some ISP have only shared IP's so that the outgoing IP is with 1000+ people the same (Rapidshare and others shows this IP is already downloading non stop 24h/7days). I come to the result Thailand throttle all ISP's in the whole country especialy in the southern provinces or do not have enough bandwidth for all, cause of oversale internet access contracts or you have to live not far away from Bangkok cause it's the only international accesss point there. I ask my self for what I pay for a 2048 kb/s down and 1048 kb/s upload speed line a 10 times higher price as in Europe. (New contracts with this speed 2mb/s beginn now by 100 Euro/Months).
  5. Anyone else in Thailand recognice that especially in South Thailand doesn't matter which ISP since a year is possible throttle by bittorrent, p2p include emule? Speed are never more as 12-24 kb/s avarage. Peek 58kb/s 24h/7 on a 2048kb/s line! Just for a minute or two in the early morning hours can reach 80 - 120 kb/s Test with CAT Telekom, TOT, Asia Net, all the same. There is no ISP left which is faster even by 40 - 80 us dollar/months internet to oversees. Are we in the same situation as Malaysia was???
  6. Well I stay in a country where people never complain and censure is given. The souther Provinces here do not get more than 12 -22 kb/s speed using p2p by downloading. The shared oversee cable in Taiwan which got destroyed by the sea quake in January I think is allready repaired so south east asia should have full speed back. But it isn't! 2 years ago torrent, emule did work with maximum speed as my line have 2,5 mb/s down and 1 mb/s upload speed. I guess CAT Telecom TH use traffic shaping as well to oversee and all other ISP's here @ THIX filtered with 2 times NetCache NetApp/6.0.4 inside the lines so that the real ip is a forwarder for the same ip address, looks like a proxy from outside. My IP xxx is a forwarder for the same IP. I wold like to test but this site is not to access so I can't download it to test it. I will very appriciate if someone can attach the file or post an alternativ url. sorry for bad english.