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  1. [21:47:36] UPnP: Discovered host: [21:47:36] UPnP: Mapped port 10003 -> [21:47:36] UPnP: Getting external IP [21:47:36] UPnP: Got external IP: This feature still not works? I have router SWEEX smth... i can check exact model. Else maybe you can apply temporarly feature for set ext.ip in advanced options?
  2. So there is no any way that they can be synchronized? =(
  3. Hmmm.. usually its Bitcomet, seems that with uTorrent or Azureus offenders its okay. Availability column does not updating too But if i restarting task - it receive % progress on first connect and then not updating again.
  4. I'm not sure if this a bug, but in Peers tab of any torrent i dont receive any update of % at peers. It looks like if i start seeding and have 5 peers with 0% - after hours of seeding - i still see that they have 0% but on tracker it appears as 1-100%