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  1. Tested alpha. Initial observations: * Bug: As mentioned above, very high CPU usage. * Bug: Minify/'maxify' interface buttons sometimes move the window's titlebar off-screen. * Bug: Very slow scrolling in the Add New Torrent dialog * Bug: Root element and * key functionality still missing from the Add New Torrent dialog
  2. Irrespective of whether it suffers from the exploit or not, or whether it's been banned by some trackers, the fact remain that 1.6.x is not supported any longer. Upgrade to 1.7.6 please.
  3. If you're worried about fake vers., simply download manually from this site! Your problem of being connectable with 1.6.x and not with 1.7.6, esp. with the same settings, is probably traceable to your firewall as Firon rightly pointed out. It probably recognises the old ver. but not the new one and so blocks the latter. Deleting all the uTorrent-related rules and recreating them for the new version should do the trick.
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