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    µTorrent WebUI

    Selective FILE Priority Broken Don't know if FILE Priority is broken in uTorrent, but i got some file error, selected a few files to download from a .torrent file, when the webUI reported the download was finished (the selected files were downloaded), and tried to open them, surprise: INVALID file format. So i thought there was a codec issue, since the files were .MP4, didn't work. So i thought maybe uTorrent broken the files cause i made a selective file download. So i selected all the files from the .torrent and set them to normal normal priority. (some of the were set on No Download) When the torrent finished downloading all files, they worked. Thanks, I don't know if this is a issue which is currently in fixing process.
  2. hwk

    µTorrent WebUI

    About labes: when i right click a torrent > Label and select a label to which i want to assign the torrent, it doesnt add it to that label. Note: i defined my labes in the preferance panel. Another problem i digged up, when i try to add a torrent, i browse for it, click Ok, it submits i think, but the torrent does not appear in the torrent list. Isnt added. A pagerefresh (f5 is necessary) to make it appear.
  3. hwk

    µTorrent WebUI

    Hello, Just installed this version, and i sadly notice that assigning torrents to label's doesnt work either, my browser is Firefox.