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  1. I noticed that during seeding some torrents would wildly fluctuate in seeding speeds. I examined the torrents closer and found that this was due to some peers connecting and disconnect every few minutes. To try and figure out what was going on, I turned on peer traffic logging and found these: [23:14:18] x.x.x.x : [libTorrent/]: Disconnect: Peer error: Error 10022 [23:11:56] x.x.x.x : [µTorrent 1.6.1 ]: Disconnect: Peer error: Error 10022 These were being repeated every few minutes. I'm using 1.7 RC2 under wine. I don't think I've noticed this behaviour before, it could all be on my end. Just wondering if this was related to the new beta.
  2. I am having the same trouble as matthaeus123 using beta 2228 under WINE. I have reverted to beta 1977 now and am seeding normally.
  3. Indeed I did. I sure feel stupid now. Terribly sorry for having wasted your time with a pointless post. Thanks, Firon. Edit: So, just so that I'm clear, it doesn't show the session totals if "show speed limits in status bar" is enabled, or is that a bug in Wine that causes this?
  4. Here's a screenshot. As you can see, it is missing the total uploaded/downloaded for the session.
  5. I have an odd problem with the session totals not showing up beside the current bandwidth in the status bar. I'm running utorrent in wine-0.9.36 in FC6. This problem has been present all through the 1.7 betas. I'm sure more information would be required but I'm not quite sure what will be needed. Let me know if you would like details and the specifics as to what you would like. Thanks.